Mother Gag Ordered, Jailed – Opposes Circumcision on 4 Year Old, Judge Won’t Appoint a Guardian ad Litem for the Child

In Feb., a Florida mother Heather Hironimus went on the run with her son, staying in a domestic violence shelter. In May, Heather is arrested for “contempt of court” for refusing to circumcise her 4 year old son. Heather is currently being held in the Broward County Jail.

Heather says that she is “scared to death” of the procedure and went on the run to protect her child from a forced circumcision. Heather’s fears are certainly justified. In 2014, the lower court placed a gag order on Heather to stop her from speaking about the case to the media or publicly raising funds for an appeal. Heather was court ordered not to tell her son that she is against the procedure in any way. The court order also states the child will be in care of the father for two days prior to, and twelve days following, the circumcision. Meaning Heather will not be able to see her son before the circumcision, and will not be able to assist and comfort him during recovery. 

I just have to say it… if you truly love their child, and want their best interest, then why would you deny that child the comfort of having a parent with them after a serious surgery? Nurturing does impact a child’s ability to mentally and physically recover. Heather is the primary caregiver, to force a separation after such a big moment in the child’s life is cruel.

Father  Dennis Nebus, who shares custody, began to fight for circumcision in December 2013 because the child, age 3, was urinating on his leg.

I just have to say it… I am a mother of two boys, it is normal for boys who are potty training to have accidents. I do not understand how a child urinating on his leg at age 3 means the child must be circumcised?!?

The boy was examined by Florida pediatric urologist Charles Flack, M.D. who provided testimony to the court, stating the boy was healthy, had normal genitals and there was no reason to perform a circumcision.

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen, who sits in the 15th judicial district in Palm Beach County said Heather is “reprehensible” because refusing to circumcise her son makes him “an object of curiosity and worse”.

In a bizarre twist, Judge Gillen never assigned a Guardian ad Litem or ward to advocate for the child, and would not allow testimony from a child mental health professional. The child apparently is aware that he could be circumcised, and is stating he does not want the procedure done, and is expressing fear. 

Judge Gillen is entitled to his opinion, but where is the law supporting that? Many people are not circumcised and do lead normal lives. Second, in my state, circumcision is considered a “cosmetic procedure” and those on state medical assistance do not receive coverage for circumcision. Circumcision costs between $200-$700 which has to be totally paid out of pocket, if you are a low income family, that may be impossible to afford.

Federal Judge Kenneth Marra has scheduled a hearing on all the motions for Monday, May 18th, at 1 pm. The group Chase’s Guardians will gather outside of the court house at noon to show our support for Heather and her son and to urge Judge Marra to protect the child from a forced medically unnecessary circumcision.

While Heather is in jail, the child is being cared for by father, Dennis Nebus.

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Chase’s Guardians, Support for Heather Hironimus:

Circumcision Case Judge Puts Gag Order on Mother Fighting For Son Not to Be Circumcised” by Chris Joseph (Borward Palm Beach New Times), 11/19/2014:

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Save Chase from Court Ordered Circumcision: Information, Updates and E-Mail Petition:

Upheld: Healthy Florida Boy to be Circumcised Against Mom’s Wishes” by Rebecca Wald (Beyond the Bris: News and Views on Jewish Circumcision), 11/18/2014:

Retrieved Chase’s Guardians Facebook:

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Mother Reunited with Daughter after Kidnapping, Mistaken Identity

Mexico (May 2015): Incompetent judge in Mexico forces an American mother, who’s daughter was kidnapped by the father, to take a child back to the U.S. that was not even hers. The child was basically kidnapped, as police dragged her kicking and screaming away from her home. After 8 long years, the mother has been finally reunited with her real biological daughter.

Dorotea García (Texas) is the mother of 13 year old Alondra Díaz Garcia, who was born in the U.S. In 2007, father Reynaldo Díaz kidnapped Alondra, then age 4, and brought her into Mexico. Reynaldo Díaz went into hiding with the child, whose whereabouts were not known until recently.

I was happy with my dad. But at the same time I felt like something was missing. I was missing my mother’s love.” said Alondra Díaz Garcia.

Last month, Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado ruled that another girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, was García’s daughter. The family offered Judge Mercado more than a dozen documents to prove Alondra Luna Nunez is indeed their own biological child including family pictures, a baptismal certificate and a birth certificate. Judge Mercado said a scar on Alondra Luna Nunez’s face was all the proof she needed to assert that Luna is the missing daughter of Dorotea García. The family of Alondra Luna Nunez requested a DNA test but Judge Mercado refused, stating it was not in her authority. Judge Mercado is now saying the family never asked for a DNA test and that they submitted the wrong documents.

Alondra Luna Nunez was ordered into García’s care against her will. Video footage was captured of Nunez screaming and fighting police as she was dragged away, the video stirred international criticism. 

YouTube video of Mexican teen Alondra Luna Nunez. Retrieved:

Anger. Rage. Powerlessness that they could tear my daughter from my arms. Sadness,” said Susana Nunez, Alondra’s mother. “I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I said, ‘How is my daughter, what is she doing?’”

When taken into García’s home, Nunez did states she was treated well but did not understand alot of what was happening because of the language barrier.

A week later, when DNA testing in Houston proved that Nunez is not the biological daughter of García, she was returned to her real family in Guanajuato, Mexico. The family celebrated by throwing a party. 

The enormous media attention prompted Reynaldo Díaz to bring the real Alondra Díaz García  to family members, who in turn alerted authorities. Alondra is said to have repeatedly asked to return to her mother’s care. A DNA test was ordered for the girl  believed to be her true daughter Alondra Díaz García, which was proven to be true. Judge Mercado has now closed the case.

Mother and daughter are ecstatic to be reunited.We couldn’t resist the urge to run into each other’s arms,” García told the press, “We are like little birds, my daughter won’t let go of me and never tires of giving me kisses.” The two look forward to making up for the years they missed, and creating new memories together.

García says that she will honor her daughter’s request to not press charges against her ex-husband Reynaldo Díaz. All she is asking is to regain custody of her daughter, which has happened.

Judge Mercado refuses to apologize to the family of Alondra Luna Nunez.  Alondra’s family traveled to Judge Mercado’s courthouse in Los Reyes to demand an apology. Judge Mercado refuses to see the family, and threatened that if they do not leave, she will alert police. The family plans to file formal charges against the judge. “I see this as a kidnapping that was ordered by the judge,” said Gustavo Luna, father.

Read More: 

“DNA Proves Girl in Mexico is Houston Mom’s Daughter” by NBC News,

“Joy, anger for family of Mexican girl wrongly sent to the US” by Peter Orsi, Associated Press, 4/23/2015:

“Mexico doing DNA tests on girl in mistaken-identity case” by Associated Press (published by Daily Mail), 5/13/2015:

“Mother, daughter land in US after Mexico judge returns custody” by Juan Lozano, Associated Press (published by SF Gate), 5/16/2015:

“Texas mother heads home with long-missing daughter after Mexico judge puts girl in her custody” by Associated Press (published by Fox News), 5/16/2015:

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City Pages Article Motivates Mom to Share Experiences about Family Law Judge

My experiences with Judge Robben in Hennepin County Family Court

“Judge Bobo” aka Judge Patrick D. Robben (Hennepin County, 4th Judicial District, Minnesota) has been featured in a new article in City Pages title “Gary Schumacher Choosing Jail Over Allowing the Biological Mom to See Their Daughter“.

The article is about a contested custody dispute, that seems rather complex for a one page article. I am reading it with an open mind, it seems like City Pages did not tell a complete story.

In any case, I thought the article did open for a door for me to share my own experiences with Judge Robben. I am re-posting my comments, and some additional thoughts, here. All of my allegations are fully documented, and I have evidence to support everything I say.  Also note, Judge Robben is the most recent judge on my case, I had 3 other Hennepin County judges on my case (that started in June 2006) before him. So some of the actions mentioned are NOT a result of Judge Robben, I will do my best to note what he is responsible for. 

“I have personal experience with Judge Robben – who has endangered my children by giving an alleged abuser sole custody, and Robben’s custody order in my case amounts to legalized parental alienation because I get only one visit a month with my children.

My daughter wrote me this note that says, “I love you that the world would turn into a heart. So that’s how much! Love you Mom Love.”

I am fit, loving parent with a squeaky clean background. I have been the children’s primary caregiver, and all reports about our relationship are positive. I volunteer in my community with people with disabilities and at-risk populations. I work in the healthcare field. I have taken over 2 years worth of parenting classes, and education relating to children, and parenting kids with special needs. I am more than able to provide proper care for my children. I am also raising another child at home, with no problems.

I lost custody to a man who, at the time of the court order, was a wanted fugitive with a long criminal and civil history, including a state commitment order.

(Note: This is a partial record not the complete)

He was diagnosed by the court ordered psych eval as having a serious mental illness that is almost impossible to treat, and is characterized by anti-social behavior. He has been addicted to almost everything — gambling, street drugs, alcohol, pain pills. My child came home recently, and was yelling about “Stupid Walgreen’s won’t give Dad his pills for his back! They said he already has some. How does a child know that?!?

There are over a dozen child abuse allegations against this man, with both of my children suffering from PTSD due to abuse.


Since being given sole custody, my children have been repeatedly harmed both physically and emotionally. The father states my son needs to be physically controlled because he has Aspberger’s – and when I report this to Judge Robben, I am told that I need counseling or that I am arguing old issues. Since when is the safety of a vulnerable child, who has physical marks on their body, a sign of a mental health issues? 

An injury to my child dismissed by Judge Robben. This is a bite mark, the red circle is a set of teeth impressions. The person who caused this injury is a live-in cousin who has a strange relationship with my ex. She is also a PCA for my son. When I filed a motion and asked for a new PCA, Judge Robben refused.

I have been forced into mental health counseling for over two years due to the recommendations of Jamie Manning, GAL, and rubber stamped by the Hennepin County judges.  I was forced into therapy that was not needed, while the ex abuser, who is diagnosed with a personality disorder, was given sole custody and was required to attend treatment. When my counselor reported that she thought domestic violence occurred in my relationship, I was told that I needed more counseling. And threatened that if I did not stop talking about abuse, I would not be able to see my children. So I went to counseling, did not talk or express my true feelings, and parroted what the Judge and the GAL wanted to hear. In the meanwhile, my kids are falling apart in their father’s home, and continuing to make allegations of abuse. 

My child also began to act out violently, and told his therapists (direct quote), “I learned my tantrums from Dad” and “I want to be the boss like Dad”.

Another incident documenting abuse. The daycare called CPS and reported that the children are playing “Call 911! Daddy’s here”.



My daughter stopped speaking at age 3 and was severely speech delayed. To this day, she is withdrawn, has trouble socializing and therapist notes say she does not communicate with her father.

My son has severe psychological and behavioral issues, to the point the school called the police on him 4 times in one year. The teachers said they are afraid for my child’s future, and that he needs help before he seriously hurts himself or someone else. The school recommended a psychological assessment, specializing in child trauma, and my abusive ex will not take  my child to therapist. I have asked Judge Robben, in a motion, to order the assessment and he refuses. Judge Robben instead orders me into mediation and tells me to “stop bringing up issues from the past”. In the meanwhile, my ex has pulled my child out of school. 

Thanks to Judge Robben, I get only one visit a month with my children. And Judge Robben told me that if I want more time I have to ask my ex abuser! It is humiliating, and frightening to beg my abuser to see my kids. He continues to emotionally abuse me. I do not get any holiday visits, no birthdays, no overnight visits, no school release days. I did not get to see or talk to my children on Mother’s Day.

My children are multi-racial and have lost their connection to their identity and culture as well. I took my children to church and they just stood there like statues– they forgot the words to the worship songs we once enjoyed, they did not remember how to pray, and felt like strangers in the church I am try to raise them in. My children do not identify with their African American heritage, and my child told me that he thinks all Indian people are dead because he does not see any. My children talk about Black History month in school but have no idea how it relates to them, and my family is from the South and has experienced many of these historical events, and participated in the Civil Rights movement. My children do not remember the names of cousins they once played with. And do not like many of the family recipes I prepare for them, because they are not familiar with the food anymore. I reported the alienation and Maternal Deprivation to Judge Robben and he completely ignored me. 

According to A Judge’s Guide to Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases Second Edition (American Bar Association), “There is no social science research to support the contention that the child will be harmed or unduly confused by exposure to different religions, ethnic, or cultural practices. Indeed, such exposure to their parents’ diverse backgrounds may have a positive effect on their development and may be critical to their sense of identity.”

I have submitted a mountain of evidence and even an expert forensic report – it does no good. Judge Robben has already made up his mind. He relied on the word of the Guardian ad Litem, Jamie L. Manning, even when there is no evidence to support anything she says (hearsay is not admissible as evidence in court). 

Thank you City Pages for exposing the failures of family court in your two articles, please keep investigating and reporting. So many families and children are being harmed. We need to raise awareness and then to demand reform. ”


Also read the comments about Judge Robbens on this City Pages article “Separated from their Kids, Parents Unite Against One Court Guardian” by Susan Du 2/18/2015:


Children Play Call 911, Daddy’s Here!

Ex Has Strange Relationship with First Cousin (Another issue Jamie Manning ignores, and when I bring up concerns she says that “I am just making Mr. X look bad”. Judge Robben refused to protect my child after he was injured, and when I filed a motion asking for a different PCA because the cousin is the PCA who hurt my child – Judge Robben refused.)

Family Court Awards Custody to Dad who Choked Child:

Family Court Robs Children of Their Identity:

Fugitive Dad Arrested on Vacation – Where are the Children?

Homeless Guy Moves in to Nanny Kids (when I brought this information to GAL Jamie Manning, she ignored my concerns and did not interview the homeless guy. Judge Robben also dismissed my concerns)


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Words on Words by Skylar Grey: Commentary on Parental Alienation and Ambiguous Loss

I was listening to the song “Words” by Skylar Grey and it reminded me of parental alienation, and how ambiguous loss affects the targeted parent and the alienated child. This is my interpretation of “Words“, I realize that Skylar Grey probably meant the song in another way but I think listening to it this way could offer some insight to those affected by parental alienation or Domestic Violence by Proxy, and the resulting ambiguous loss and trauma.

Ambiguous loss is a is a trauma or loss that has no closure. Without answers or an ability to put the trauma to rest, there is an agonizing, extended grief.

According to Pauline Boss, Ph.D.,”Overall, what has become clear to me is this: Ambiguous loss is a relational disorder and not an individual pathology.  With ambiguous loss, the problem comes from the outside context and not from your psyche…My basic theoretical premise is that ambiguous loss is the most stressful kind of loss.  It defies resolution and creates long-term confusion about who is in or out of a particular couple or family. With death, there is official certification of loss, and mourning rituals allow one to say goodbye. With ambiguous loss, none of these markers exist.  The persisting ambiguity blocks cognition, coping, meaning-making and freezes the grief process.

Ambiguous loss is another devastating effect of parental alienation. A parent who is forcibly separated from a child experiences a deep grief that is just as painful as if the child had died. The loss of the child is compounded when the child is brainwashed to hate, reject, or fear the targeted parent. It can happen that a child has been separated from a parent for so long, that the child does not properly bond with the parent, and does not wish to continue the relationship. An alienated parent can never really let go of a child, or accept the loss of that child…a part of them will always be searching for the child, and hoping for a  reunion. Those parents who are forced to let go, do so under great duress, and often experience guilt, shame or remorse that their child will not accept them or a relationship is just not possible. Other parents have no contact with children (for a variety of reasons) and have to try to resolve a loss with no answers, no way of making sense of something so incomprehensible. 

For the child the love and the bond they once had with their parent is replaced by confusion, fear, conflicted loyal and often, a feeling that they are inadequate or somehow caused the other parent to not want them in their lives. The child is used as a pawn by an alienating parent seeking to hurt their ex partner -who will indoctrinate, punish, bribe, lie and do whatever it takes to turn that child against the targeted parent. Thus, the life of the child is based on lies and manipulation, and they lack the benefit of consistent care and nurturing. Instead, the child is useful so long as they serve the alienating parent’s agenda. The mind control used on an alienated child is so strong, and so deeply ingrained, that it can be difficult to heal from or break free from. Some children never recover.

Between a targeted parent and child, there are so many words that are never said…


“Always in a rush
Never stay on the phone long enough
Why am I so self-important?
Said I’d see you soon
But that was, oh, maybe a year ago
Didn’t know time was of the essence

So many questions
But I’m talking to myself
I know that you can’t hear me any more
Not anymore
So much to tell you
And most of all goodbye
But I know that you can’t hear me any more

It’s so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
And as I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said
I never said
I can’t take back the words I never said..”


“Always talking shit
Took your advice and did the opposite
Just being young and stupid
I haven’t been all that you could’ve hoped for
But if you’d held on a little longer
You’d have had more reasons to be proud

So many questions
But I’m talking to myself
I know that you can’t hear me any more
Not anymore
So much to tell you
And most of all goodbye
But I know that you can’t hear me any more

It’s so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
And as I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words..”



“The longer I stand here
The louder the silence
I know that you’re gone but sometimes I swear that I hear
Your voice when the wind blows
So I talk to the shadows
Hoping you might be listening ‘cos I want you to know

It’s so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said
And as I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said
I never said
I can’t take back the words I never said
Never said
I can’t take back the words I never said..”

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Dr. Akwasi Osei : ‘Public office holders must undergo psychological screening’

Akwasi Osei, Retrieved:

(Ghana, Africa, April 2015) Speaking at the launch of the first anniversary commemoration of the Mental Health Board in Accra, the chief psychiatrist of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Akwasi Osei, stated that every government official, including the President himself, should undergo mental health screening at least once a year. Dr. Osei also believes officials who have more power and authority be tested more rigorously (quote), “May be the higher you are, the more frequent it should be…

Dr. Osei said that, “They have to go for psychological screening to ensure that they are of sound mind. When you look at the policies, laws and international agreements, there is something not right up there.”

And, My counsel will be that… just as I would encourage them to have regular, clinical or health checkup so, in the same way, they should include psychological checkup in the health checkup. That is very crucial.


Is Family Court Legally Insane? The horror stories you hear coming from family court really makes you wonder.. Do you think psych testing should be implemented among family court judges, Guardian ad Litems (program managers), evaluators, and other court officers. They are public servants afterall. And it is in the best interest that our officials are in their right mind. Please leave your thoughts and comments below (use an anon name if concerned about your safety or privacy!)

— Emily Court, 2015


“Akwasi Osei, Ghana’s Chief Psychiatrist, Wants Mental Health Screening Done on President and All Public Officials” by Ghana Web. April 23, 2015:

“Public officers holders must undergo psychological screening” by 103.5 FM Starr. April 22, 2015.

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Quote: Love is not a power game by Claudia Moscovici

“Love is not a power game for anyone capable of this emotion. It’s the deepest and most significant bond human beings form with one another and the foundation of our lives. If you encounter a man who gives any signs that he regards love as a game and you as a “prize” to be won, fold your cards and quickly leave the table. Or, better yet, refuse to engage with him at all. Any intimate relationship with a psychopath is a gamble where you risk losing everything and from which you have nothing to gain.” –Claudia Moscovici

Psychopaths are predators that prey, and feed on other people. Psychopaths lack empathy, compassion or emotion as most people know it. Instead, they are addicted to adrenaline, and excitement of hurting others.

How do you know that you are in a relationship with a psychopath? Or know you are dealing with one?

Read the warning signs, and decode what they mean…


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An Alienated Parent Watches “The Unique Connection” by Pandora

I was watching a video by Pandora called “The Unique Connection“. In the video, children are blind folded then led into a room full of women and asked to identify, with their senses and intuition, which woman is their mother. 

Little hands reached for bigger hands… a tiny rosebud nose rubbed against a much larger, softer nose seeking a familiar scent… Blindfolded and without sight, each child searched for the special, one of a kind woman who is “mom”. And when found, there were joyful smiles, hugs, tears and an outpouring of love.

As a mother being alienated from her children by an abusive ex The Unique Connection gave me hope that my children will keep a part of our own “unique connection” in their hearts. That, no matter the separation we now experience, our bond, and our love will remain strong. 

I would like to believe that somehow, someway, my children, even if blindfolded like the children in this video or even if forcibly separated by an abusive and controlling father (aided by an unjust family court) would know and recognize that I am their mother. 

I would like to believe that in a room full of other women, that my children would be able to single me out from all the rest… Maybe my daughter JJ would recognize what she calls my “Mom Jeans“… the well worn denim with a slit cut up the leg. JJ was so excited to show me that her doll also had a similar pair of jeans, also with a slit cut up the leg. Maybe JJ would feel the soft leather of my high heeled boots. She would demand I take the boots off, so she could wear them, sashaying around the room like a diva. When I least expected it, JJ would kick the boots off, aiming for me. Like an arrow, the boots would launch through the air, and I would fall to the floor with a fake injury. JJ would laugh, her melodic voice rising into the air like the ring of a church bell.

Maybe my son DJ would recognize the vibrant scent of lavender, lemongrass or maychang, my favorite essential oils. I enjoyed teaching my children about essential oils. I let them make their own perfumes and bath oils. DJ was a very active toddler, and inspired my interest in essential oils because I was seeking something that may soothe him, and help him sleep. When he was little, I would curl up next to DJ in his bed, and rub an essential oil on his temples. I would tell him a special story about “the gold in his hair” … The fine baby hairs at his temple are the golden color of sunshine on a summer day, while the rest of his hair is a deep brown color. I told DJ that an Angel threaded gold into his hair to remind him of how special he is. And, if at anytime life gets hard, DJ only needed to see the gold in his hair, to be reminded of how special he is, how loved.

My children are now growing up without a mother because of the unjust, and illegal, court order issued by anti-family court.  I want my children to know that I love them with all of my heart. It is not my choice to be apart from my children. Due to the parental alienation, and forcible separation by court order, my children are, in a sense, blind folded. It is a very real possibility that my children would see me on the street or maybe in a store or park somewhere…and I wonder, would they recognize me? 

— Emily Court, 2015

“The Unique Connection” by The Official Pandora (YouTube):
Published on Apr 13, 2015

As a small experiment of women’s uniqueness and the special bond between a mother and child, we met up with 6 wonderful women, and asked them to let us blindfold their most precious loved ones. Their children!

How we did it:
The children were guided towards the group of women, and using their senses and intuition asked to try to find the one they believed to be their mother. Anxiety, love and a bit of heartfelt tears filled the room as children from the age of 3-9 tried and succeed in finding the one and only they could call mum!

All women are unique in shape, personality and heart, and so is the beautiful connection and precious love we saw this day.

Celebrate the woman in your heart

Music: “Staircase” by Dan Leigh, more of his music can be found on

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