Father’s Day When Your Children’s Father is an Abuser

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This was one of the most difficult posts I have written… but after being continually emotionally and psychologically abused by Martin Hegland and seeing him use the children as a human shield in his war against me… I won’t be silent no longer.

Martin – When I think of you on Father’s Day bile comes up in my throat. The mention of your name, your presence in my life is so toxic that it causes my mouth and esophagus to burn with acidic memories.

Perhaps the fiery sting is what you will one day look forward to when you face judgment in a Court with much more authority, and power, than the corrupt family court in Hennepin County, Minnesota, that has awarded a identified abuser sole custody of the two children he has harmed so severely that both were diagnosed with PTSD and have never fully recovered.

What comes to mind when I think of co-parenting with an abuser on Father’s Day…

F – Fat… the image of sweat dripping down rolls of fat, pale and white as a whale belly … Martin’s large hands squeezing the tops of my arms. The spiky red shag carpeting rising from the floor like fire. The silence. I dared not to to speak. Or make a sound. The desperate attempt to escape by pushing thought and feeling into a small wisp of smoke that escaped into the cracks of the ceiling tile.

It was Christmas, and we were visiting Martin’s neurotic mother Marian who lives in Virginia. Martin’s anger intensified with her presence, he recalled her physical and mental abuse of him as a child.. and the cycle repeated into our family. We were staying with Marian for a few days over the holidays, along with our new baby, just a few months old. We slept in a wood paneled bedroom decorated in 1970’s style, that carried the dust of a bygone era. At the end of the bed was a playpen where the baby whined, small hands waving frantically in the air.

I hoped that after the birth of our first child that things would change. Instead I found myself subjected to another degrading episode with Martin. It didn’t matter that I objected, that I said no…that the baby needed attention.. Martin looked at my brown skin and told me I better get used it because quote “People in Africa do it in front of their children all the time…” He made me feel so dirty and degraded. These words remind me of something a cruel master would say to a slave…ironically the slaveholder that kept my ancestors enslaved has the last name Martin. So I counted the minutes until time blurred and the numbness finally took me away.

A – Answers… there are no answers for so many things. Like what happened to my daughter JJ at 3 years when I was in the hospital for a week dealing an illness and she was left alone in the care of Martin. When I came home, the house was a terrible mess and both kids looked neglected. Martin complained then promptly left. I was so weak I could barely stand but mustered the strength to clean the house. I knew Martin would be angry if the house was a mess so I literally dragged myself across the house cleaning dishes crusted with food, toys strewn across the room (many broken or swept into piles of garbage), and hefting loads of laundry into the machine while reeling with nausea. In between tasks I fed the kids because they complained of hunger and read to them from their favorite books.

But there was one thing I could not fix… my daughter was strangely quiet and unusually angry. JJ resorted to making tense one syllable noises. Or staring me down. Her vocabulary was reduced to “Stupey!” and “Fuckey!” and “No!”. My daughter, once chatty and outgoing, now barely spoke to the point she became speech delayed. JJ was visibly hostile. And lost the sparkle she once held – her energy turned to anger.

Only after leaving did JJ slowly begin to speak… she would repeat over and over in a sing song voice “Daddy call me stupey” and “Daddy call me fuckey” and “Daddy said shud up…” When JJ played with dolls she slammed the male doll to the floor. The female doll cried or ran away. The therapist noted there were themes of “power and control” in her play. Still a toddler JJ was recommended for therapeutic preschool. While most preschoolers learn their ABCs or how to cut and paste, JJ learned how to talk about feelings, calming techniques and safe hands/safe words.

TTorment when Martin slammed our 4 year old son, DJ, down on the bathroom floor, shoving his face into the floor smeared with his tears and snot. The shrill, high pitched cries of DJ were lost in an onslaught of rage. Martin held DJ’s slender arms and legs behind his back, pinning him down “hog tie” then placed a hand on the back of his neck. Martin swore, threatened.. and yelled “You are not the boss! I am the boss! Do you understand me? I am the boss!” DJ screamed he could not breathe. He attempted to wriggle away. Martin would not relent, until DJ finally broke.. and in a robotic, whimpering voice he desperately cried “DaddyisthebossDaddyisthebossDaddy…”

HHaunted, DJ was haunted by abuse and begun to re-enact the rage and violence his father inflicted on him. DJ would yell, swear and break things… he told the therapists “I want to be the boss just like Dad.” Therapist notes state that DJ was acting out because he had been a victim to or had witnessed domestic abuse.

E Evil is a family court that would give sole custody of two traumatized children to an identified abuser and punish a protective parent for reporting safety concerns.

After being assaulted by Martin, I fled the home with two small children… becoming homeless in order to escape. I worked hard to get help for my family, and to rebuild our lives, even securing permanent housing. In my care, the children were started to heal and make progress.

Then Hennepin County Family Injustice Center awarded Martin sole custody; devastating our family. At the time of the order over a dozen documented allegations of abuse were raised against him. The court ordered psych eval indicated that Martin has a personality disorder. He was a wanted fugitive with a lengthy criminal history. And engaging in a strange relationship with an underage cousin, Lisa, who ran away from home at age 17 to live with him, finishing her senior year of high school while playing wifey with her 42 year old first cousin.

The court then worked to alienate me from my own children, and severely restrict my contact with them – and I am the victim! There is no logical or legal explanation on how this could happen in a court of law… the decisions of the Hennepin County Family Injustice Center are pure evil.

RRe-traumatized- Children who are separated by an unjust court order from a fit, loving parent (who fought to protect them from abuse) are re-traumatized and exposed to further harm.

I remember an incident that DJ reported to me that involved Martin becoming angry and then locking him in the basement and threatening to leave the family if he didn’t act right. DJ frantically pounded on the door and begged Martin to come back. From behind the closed door Martin tormented DJ, teasing him that he was leaving until the fragile child was hysterical. Martin finally opened the door when DJ was begging he would do anything if his dad would only stay. To this day, DJ acts as an emotional caretaker to his father, watching his mood and placating him to avoid repercussion.

How do you say Happy Father’s Day to the person who has inflicted this much abuse and pain onto their own children?

Martin you do not deserve a “Happy Father’s Day”… you are not worthy to be a father to the two amazing children that you continue to abuse. So instead I say F– You on Father’s Day… and leave you with with painful memories that are forever seared in my mind, and cause my stomach to churn even, now, years later…

~”Emily Court”, June 2017

Public Domain Image: http://wallpaperpulse.com

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Krewella’s ‘Enjoy the Ride’ Video Raises Awareness of the Horrors of Human Trafficking

Public Domain Image

A haunting video called ‘Enjoy the Ride’ released by Krewella, a band performing Electronic Dance Music, raises awareness about Human Trafficking by telling the story of two children (a boy and a girl) who have been sold into slavery.

The video, directed by K. Tanch, takes the viewer into the world of a steam-punk influenced carnival where a young girl has been labeled as a “brand new act”. The scene flickers to a little girl, shivering with her arms wrapped around her knees, sitting on a pile of flimsy hay while held captive in a metal cage.

Enjoy the Ride” exposes the horrors of child trafficking and human slavery… a worldwide problem that is often hidden in plain sight. Many victims of human trafficking do not receive help because people do not recognize the signs, or are reluctant to come forward. More public awareness is needed to bringing perpetrators to justice and bringing victims out of exploitation – and “Enjoy the Ride” not only raises awareness but does so by targeting a younger audience who is statistically more vulnerable to exploitation. 50% of all people trafficked are children. Of that number, according to a study conducted in 2014, an estimated 1 out of 6 endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely child sex trafficking victims. Of those, 68 percent were in the care of social services or foster care when they ran.

In the video, Krewella watches the circus from a video monitor, witnessing the suffering of the children and the cruelty of their captors. Equally as disturbing is the nameless, faceless audience in white who has bought tickets to watch the spectacle the children have become. Sitting among the audience is a small boy wearing a human like mask with what looks like a padlock around his neck, being held prisoner in plain sight. The mask symbolizes the mind control involved in trafficking or abuse of any kind – that victims are so controlled that the face they project the world often does not reflect the ugly, painful reality of their life.. or the scars they carry beneath the facade. And this is the ugly truth about human trafficking is that many victims are living among our communities, our neighborhoods, working in local businesses – and their presence goes undetected. Or often, perpetrators are protected because they are esteemed in the community, hold power or intimidate people to keep silent.

The little boy is so captivated by the dance of the enslaved little girl that he takes off the mask… and smiles. In his miserable world, he experiences a rare sense of joy.

And then the video takes a turn when two people in the crowd make efforts to free the poor children. The first is a man who attacks one of the captors, causing a distraction. While the audience is in an uproar, another man works to free the boy in the audience. Interesting symbolism – the second man who took this daring act to save the little boy sits in the audience, wearing all white just like everyone else. But this man is different because has what looks like a bright yellow sun painted over one eye. This man defies what is expected of him, he sees a dark side of his world that everyone has turned a blind eye to.

The boy in turn frees the little girl who was featured as a circus act and the two run away from the circus together… discovering a EDM dance party in the woods where Krewella is performing.

Around the party video monitors continue to flicker.. exposing other injustices occurring in the world. That is symbolically contrasted with an image portraying those who “sleep”, and allow the suffering to continue by doing nothing.

The message I took from “Enjoy the Ride” is that suffering, cruelty, injustice and oppression will continue unless people wake up, and take a stand against it…whether that be working to help victims, holding perpetrators accountable or working to change or reform systems that are corrupted.

I won’t reveal the ending of the video but I will say… that for me, this video is unforgettable.


Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that denies freedom, and degrades 20-30 million people around the world, who are exploited and held against their will. Victims of human trafficking are forced, tricked or misled into slavery. Trafficking is ongoing exploitation that generates profits.

Human Trafficking comes in many forms including:

*Forced sexual exploitation (including prostitution and pornography)

*Forced labor

*Child labor

*Involuntary servitude

*State imposed forced labor working in prisons, camps or conditions that violate labor standards

*Forcing children to become soldiers perpetrated by oppressive governments, rebel groups or extremist groups

*Forced marriage where victims are forced to enter into a marriage against their will or consent, often under the threat of violence if they refuse. Victims who resist or refuse marriages are often subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, confinement or even death at the hands of family or community members. After marriage, victims are at a higher risk for domestic violence, rape, infant and maternal mortality and suicide.

*Victims are also trafficked so that their tissue, cells and organs can be sold or harvested. Trafficking for organ removal has been found in 16 countries around the world, though these numbers may be higher.  

Sex trafficking represents 80% of all human trafficking. In the United States, approximately 300,000 children are at risk of being sex trafficked.

Human Trafficking is one of the largest international criminal enterprises along with illegal drugs and gun running.


  • Child stopped attending school or not enrolled in school
  • Evidence of scarring or marks on body. Bruises or wounds in various stages of healing.
  • Child shows signs of abuse or neglect
  • Person shows signs of being denied or deprived of food, shelter, medical care
  • Person appears coached on what to say
  • Person not allowed to speak for themselves. Or not allowed to speak to others.
  • Person appears isolated or has limited freedom of movement. Person may not be able to leave freely. May have to frequently report or check in to another individual. Reports fear or anxiety when making choices, attempting to go out in public.
  • High security around living or working conditions. I.e. presence or guards or monitors, boarded up windows or doors, security cameras, restricted or no public access, barbed wire etc
  • Works excessively long or unusual hours, especially if a child.
  • Underpaid or paid very little, often through tips alone. Pay be taken or seized. Pay may used to repay a debt that never seems to be erased.
  • Under 18 and involved in commercial sex acts, pornography or sexual exploitation

Not all indicators listed above are present in every human trafficking situation, and the presence or absence of any of the indicators is not necessarily proof of human trafficking.

You may also consider: Polaris Project – Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking Hotline: Report Trafficking 

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. All reports are confidential and you may remain anonymous. Interpreters are available. Or text HELP to: BeFree (233733).

To report missing children or child pornography, submit a report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678) or through their Cybertipline.

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Anmarie Calgaro Lawsuit Dismissed: Mom Says Parental Rights Violated When Son Given Gender Reassignment Treatment Without Consent

(St. Paul, Minnesota: May 23, 2017) Judge Paul Magnuson dismissed a ground breaking lawsuit filed by Anmarie Calgaro. Calgaro sued the school district and St. Louis County, a total of 7 defendants, for assisting her 15 year old son “E.J.K.” in running away from home and then  secretly helping him obtain gender reassignment treatment, paid for with Medical Assistance. U.S. District Court Anmarie Calgaro Ruling – 5/23/2017

Calgaro claimed her Constitutionally protected parental rights were violated without due process when her teen “E.J.K.”  was emancipated without notifying her, and given medical treatment and government assistance without her consent. Medical treatment included giving E.J.K. hormones for gender reassignment. Calgaro claims she was also denied access to E.J.K.’s medical, educational and governmental records.

Public Domain Image: Pixaby

Calgaro filed the lawsuit against seven Defendants: (1) St. Louis County; (2) Linnea Mirsch, individually and in her official capacity as Interim Director of St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services; (3) Fairview; (4) Park Nicollet; (5) the School District; (6) Michael Johnson, individually and in his official capacity as Principal of the Cherry School (“Principal Johnson”); and (7) E.J.K. (collectively, “Defendants”). Calgaro says her case is about protecting parental rights, “I do this for all parents to prevent this nightmare from overtaking their lives and my most hope is that the law will be changed that restores the due process order that parents so desperately deserve…

In making his determination, Judge Magnuson says that the Defendants can not legally emancipate E.J.K. and their actions did not terminate Calgaro’s rights because only a court order can do that. E.J.K. has been treated as emancipated by the Department of Human Services and given public assistance, including food, housing and medical services.

Calgaro retains sole physical and legal custody of E.J.K. on paper but in reality she has lost all parental rights…  E.J.K. lives on his own, and will soon turn 18 and be able to make his own choices.

Calgaro’s representation, The Thomas More Society, plans to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit. Anmarie Calgaro is living a parent’s worst nightmare,” says Erick Kaardal of the Thomas More Society, “Her minor child has been piloted by third parties through a life-changing, permanent body altering process by organizations that have no legal authority over him, and that have denied his own mother access.”


Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son ‘transgender’ treatment

Hibbing Mother Loses Lawsuit Over Transgender Child’s Emancipation

Judge Finds No Recourse for Mother Whose Son Obtained Hormone Treatments Without Parental Consent

Child Protection League/

(Commentary) The media is reporting the lawsuit of Annmarie Calgaro v. St. Louis County as if it is a “transgender” issue, implying she is not accepting of her transgender teen… Calgaro has openly expressed her love for E.J.K. and says she would welcome him back home.

This story is really about parental rights and abuses of government power. E.J.K. is being exploited, and used as a guinea pig by St. Louis County….we need to support Annmarie Calgaro because this case is setting a precedent and any of our families, or our children, could be hurt by due process violations, or by having our parental rights unlawfully taken away.

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The Captain: Abuse Survivor Shares Her Story of Family Court Injustice in Minnesota

May 25, 2017 Join The Captain Tonight at 8 pm EST/7 pm Central with guest, Lynn Marie, who shares her story of surviving abuse and enduring a horrific 11 year battle in the Hennepin County Family Justice Center. 

Click on this link to hear the show (an archive will also be available): The Captain Radio Show with Guest Lynn Marie

I am so thankful to the Captain for this opportunity to share my story, using my real name, and to break the silence imposed on me so I can expose the systemic failures and corruption existing in family court that have caused my children – and many others – to be forcefully taken from a fit, loving parent and forced to live in abuse and dysfunction.


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Child’s Letter to Mom: “You are the best Mom, no one would disagree…” (Love remains strong despite unjust Family Court order)

Another Mother’s Day without my children... who were forcibly taken from me by an unjust family court order issued in the Hennepin County Family Justice Center.

I grieve the loss of my children every day. In the midst of my pain is a bright shining star… My daughter painted this beautiful picture for me of an orange star surrounded by yellow and purple flowers (my favorite color!).

Inside the star she writes: “Mommy. Mommy. Thank you for the Easter gifts. You are the best mom no one would disagree I think. Happy Mother’s Day! Love.

(Heart sticker added to protect privacy of child)

From the day she was born, my daughter has brought joy into this world. She is lively as a firecracker but at the same time, enjoys quiet and time alone. She has a quirky sense of fashion that makes her one of a kind. Loves to laugh and tell jokes. And has the gift of writing like her mama (storytelling is a trait that has been passed in from my father’s side of the family for generations).

My daughter was born at a time of mourning – my Uncle died the year before. My Uncle was special to me – he loved family and brought us together for reunions. He shared stories about our  family, and our history. And was known for his generous laughter. He was a figure who was larger than life in every way…when he gave hugs you could disappear into the warmth of his arms. My Uncle was attending a family reunion when he died suddenly of heart failure. My Uncle died on the land that my ancestors worked as slaves, not too far from the cropper’s cabin where he was born, and within walking distance of the colored’s cemetery where his Mama is buried. It was just like he packed his bags and went on home.

A year after my Uncle’s death, my daughter was born… and the tears of mourning turned to tears of joy. Literally. When my daughter entered the world, she did not cry as most babies do – she laughed. I will never forget holding my daughter in my arms for the first time – her face was pink and perfect like a rosebud. She had straight black hair that stuck up in all directions. And when she curled against my chest, our breathing fell into one even pattern and our heart beat as one… she will forever have a place in my heart.

Public Domain: Pixaby.com – Makamuki0

When my daughter took her first steps, she did not walk – she ran. She became an adventurous toddler always climbing, jumping, doing death defying leaps from on top of whatever she climbed on.

As a child, she loved to curl up in my lap and read stories. I taught her how to write poetry and to say her bedtime prayers.

We played “Pretty, Pretty Princess” and dressed her brother up in a tiara and sparkly jewelry. The princess turned punk when my daughter took a liking to Avril Lavigne… the emotional lyrics sung to pounding drums and intense riffs suited what my daughter was going through at the time..she didn’t know all the words because she was so young but she would wave her hands and in her sweet, girlish voice sing “Changes!“.

My daughter has experienced, and witness some very ugly things, that no child should see. She has been abused. She has been homeless. At age 5, she has been ripped from the loving arms of her mother by a family court judge who threatened that if I did not comply with the order, and send my daughter to live with an abuser, that she would send police to take my daughter by force. I thought it would be better to send my daughter quietly, and not put up a fight. That this would somehow lessen the pain… I could not imagine the police showing up at Kindergarten to drag her away. In reality, nothing could lessen the pain. My daughter is haunted by memories and questions from that time. She does not say but I can see through her silence, that she wonders why I gave her away… she does not understand that I had no choice.

It pains me to think of the times my daughter cried, and was all alone and I could not comfort her. Or the times she has been sick and I was not able to be at her side, nursing her back to health. It pains me that she is growing into a young lady and man who has no respect for women is raising her. I wish I could take away the pain and rewrite her childhood… but this a story beyond the reach of my pen. This is a poem that will never be beautiful or inspiring – but instead will cut like shards of glass. Lyrics so bitter that it is best this poem remain unspoken.

Yet in the midst of my pain is a bright shining star… it is the love my daughter and I share, that has not been dimmed by the darkness around us. She has not given up on me. And I will never give up on her. I will be the “best mom” for her in the ways that I can.

~ “Emily Court”,  May 2017


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MEETING REMINDER: MN Office of the Legislative Auditor: GAL Roundtable Discussion


Roundtable Discussion: Guardians Ad Litem
Monday, May 15th
1:00 p.m.
Room 300N, State Office Building.
Address: State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, MN 55155

The Round Table Discussion is an important opportunity to gain more information on the 2017 Guardian ad Litem Audit and have your concerns heard.

If you are unable to attend the open forum or would like to provide written comments, please contact Jodi Munson Rodríguez, the program evaluation manager. You may reach her at jodi.rodriguez@state.mn.us.

A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger (C2A)

Public Domain Image http://www.pd4pic.com

An update from the MN Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA)  about the 2017 audit of the Guardian ad Litem programOLA Minnesota

Roundtable Discussion: Guardians Ad Litem, Monday, May 15, 1:00 p.m., Room 300N, State Office Building.

Address: State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, MN 55155

State Office Building – Directions, Parking, General Info

OLA has released this statement concerning the Roundtable Discussion:

Interested Stakeholders:

The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA) is beginning a program evaluation of the Guardians ad Litem program. We are seeking input from stakeholders like you as we begin developing our evaluation questions and the scope of our research activities.

OLA is a nonpartisan audit and evaluation office in the legislative branch of Minnesota state government.  We evaluate programs’ activities to determine how effectively and efficiently programs, as a whole, are…

View original post 341 more words

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‘The Ultimate Betrayal and Breech of Trust’ – Laura Coward Murders Daughter Amid Custody Dispute

Amber Lucius. (Supplied Photo: LBERTA RCMP / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

(Alberta, Canada: March 2017) Amber Lucius, age 9, was beautiful and and outgoing. Her father, Duane Lucius, remembers the happy ring of her laughter and the warmth of her hugs. Duane says Amber had a wonderful future ahead of her.

Amber will never get to realize that future because she was drugged and burned to death by her vindictive mother, Laura Coward in August 30th 2014Crown prosecutor Jillian Pawlow says, “The Crown submits that the accused’s primary motivation was revenge-motivated, meant to inflict the most serious and permanent pain and anguish on Duane Lucius by depriving him of his only daughter.

At the time of the murder, Duane and Laura were involved in a custody dispute. Duane had been fighting for custodial rights and visitation with Amber since 2007, when Laura took her away (news articles imply she was alienating Amber from her father). Duane recently gained sole custody of Amber and was looking forward to their life together.

Duane shares his grief when offering this advise to parents involved in custody disputes,“I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent.”

Laura Coward will spend life in prison with no chance of parole for 18 years after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Scott Brooker said, “Amber was completely vulnerable to and trusting of her mother…It was the ultimate betrayal and breach of trust for Ms. Coward to kill her daughter.”

Duane Lucius’s victim impact statement:

Today is another reminder of my devastating loss. Amber was an innocent child and a selfish act ended her life.

I had only had one year with Amber to renew our bond as father and daughter. During that time Amber was always helping me on the farm and loved playing outside. She was a happy little girl loved by the entire community.

Since the moment Amber was born, she was the light of my life. She was energetic, talkative and full of joy. I will never get to watch my daughter grow up, but I know she would have done great in life.

No sentence will do justice for what has happened to Amber. As a father, I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent. No parent should ever take a child’s life just to get back at the other. We are supposed to provide our children with love, not scare them. Because of this situation she was taken away from me, and all who loved her, far too soon.

Amber was my life and I will miss her every day until my end. I will never forget her.

Read Full Story:

Father speaks of tragic loss of his only daughter at the hands of his ex-wife

‘Vile and evil’: Alberta mother who drugged, burned 9-year-old daughter gets life sentence

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The War at Home Fox 9 Reports: Veteran David Carlson Fights for his Twin Girls in Minnesota Family Court

David Carlson and Daughters. Source GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/help-david-get-his-daughters-back

Please visit Fox 9 for full story: THE WAR AT HOME: Iraq veteran says family court using PTSD treatment against him by Tom Lyden

For one Marine the most difficult conflict he would ever face would be the War at Home…” Tom Lyden of Fox 9 News investigates the story of veteran David J Carlson, who lost custody of his twin girls in a Minnesota courtroom due to allegations that as a military veteran he must have PTSD and that makes him an unfit parent. This, despite an expert report from Dr. James Tuorila, the Surgeon General for the VFW, who states,”I have no professional doubts that that Mr. Carlson is and continues to be a good father and role model for his children...” The psychologist also recommended that David’s parental rights be restored immediately. 

David, a Marine corporal, served 3 combat tours in Iraq over a decade ago. Since then he earned a Masters from the University of Minnesota in security strategies and technology, became a substitute teacher, coached basketball, mentored at-risk youth and previously ran for U.S. Senate.

He has not seen his daughters in nearly a year.

David is not giving up the fight for justice, and to regain custody of his daughters.

According to a petition posted in support of David:

“In March 2016, David initiated a federal civil rights lawsuit against Ramsey County, Anoka County, and Independent School District #624, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, for damages. He also asked for an immediate injunction ordering a full return of his custodial rights, and for the immediate removal and investigation of Guardian ad Litem Ramona Olson.

David has also requested a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the embattled Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem Program, which has been plagued with a variety of problems literally for decades…”

A federal judge dismissed the federal civil rights case for lack of jurisdiction.

David also filed a complaint with the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards, but the Board claimed it had no authority and dismissed the complaint.

David hopes that through his lawsuit and story, that other parents won’t ever have to be subjected to “the terrible, immense, and unmeasurable pain and suffering he had to endure…

Show your support, please sign the petition: President Trump Help the Carlson girls get their Daddy back!

(Carlson campaign video, 2012)

Note: One of the most commonly reported complaints from parents involved in family court proceedings (and the Guardian ad Litem program) is that false allegations and fabricated evidence of a mental illness are used to deprive a fit, loving parent of custody and/or visitation.

I can related to David Carlson’s story because I had a similar experience in family court with false allegations, as have countless family court victims – including veterans – who have contacted this blog. These are parents not only from Minnesota but from all over the United States – mothers and fathers alike.



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Appellate Judge ‘Aghast’ At 15 Minute Hearing That Ordered 3 Children Into State Care, Parents Not Allowed to Present Their Case

Judge James Orrell Source: Daily Mail UK)

It is too easy for family court and CPS judges to remove a child from their home and make life-changing decisions in hearings that often violate the laws and due process rights of parents. The decisions of judges are rarely questioned because they hide behind the shield of immunity. In truth, judges are NOT granted immunity when they break the law or act outside their jurisidiction. The “best interest” of justice demands increased accountability and oversight of judicial officers… it is wrong that a parent could walk into court as part of a family and leave childless, with little or no hope of regaining custody and/or visitation.

(Derby, Derbyshire, England: 2011) After a hearing which lasted just 15 minutes, Judge James Orrell ordered that 3 children should be immediately taken from their parents and placed into state care. The parents were accused of abuse then denied their right to present their case, and not allowed to speak, when the ruling was made. 

The ruling was exposed after the case was heard in an Appeals Court and overturned. Appellate Judge Lord Justice Thorpe said about the ruling,”I am completely aghast at this case. There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing, because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter…Once you have lost a child, it is very difficult to get a child back.”

David Gale, founder of Kids for Cash UK says criminality is rampant in the  court system with judges taking a leading role in malpractice. Gale says,”We have a judicial system that is increasingly being allowed to bring the Law into disrepute. It’s time that we scrapped the outdated concept of judicial independence. It is time to hold judges to account.

Gale has investigated the family courts in Derby and discovered that Judge Orrell is the director of an organization called Relate that provided commercial services, including child counseling to local authorities. Kids for Cash UK exposed Judge Orrell as issuing care orders in order to generate business for Relate and its partners. After being exposed, Relate was quickly dismantled and all records have disappeared. Gale has written a letter of inquiry to  LJ Munby, President of the Family Division of the High Court, who has refused to answer any questions.

The case was sent back to a county court with a different judge appointed.

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President Trump Remarks on Holocaust National Days of Remembrance: “.. it only takes one light to illuminate even the darkest space…”

President Donald J. Trump’s speech at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance. April 25, 2017. 

Transcript: Remarks by President Trump at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance

A moving, powerful speech… President Trump’s speech for the national commemoration of the Holocaust.

The purpose of the National Days of Remembrance is to:

Remember the victims who perished in the Holocaust. A special ceremony that includes reading the names of the men, women, and children killed during the Holocaust is an important part of the National Days of Remembrance.  The Yad Vashem’s Shoah Victims’ Names Project has collected over 4,700,000 names of Holocaust victims.

Honor the survivors of the Holocaust. To record and preserve their stories to be passed down to future generations.

Another way to honor survivors: Help impoverished Jews who escaped death during the Holocaust live out their final years with dignity, please consider a donation to the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians

To remember the Holocaust and record it not only in history, but in the human heart and mind. To remember is to bear testimony so the lives lost will never be forgotten. To remember is educate society and draw lessons from what happened during one of the darkest eras of human history.

The annual observance also recognizes the American troops who liberated the Nazi concentration camps.

President Trump said in his remarks,“Your courage strengthens us.  Your voices inspire us.  And your stories remind us that we must never, ever shrink away from telling the truth about evil in our time.  Evil is always seeking to wage war against the innocent and to destroy all that is good and beautiful about our common humanity.  But evil can only thrive in darkness.  And what you have brought us today is so much more powerful than evil.  You have brought us hope — hope that love will conquer hatred, that right will defeat wrong, and that peace will rise from the ashes of war.

Each survivor here today is a beacon of light, and it only takes one light to illuminate even the darkest space.  Just like it takes only one truth to crush a thousand lies and one hero to change the course of history.  We know that in the end, good will triumph over evil, and that as long as we refuse to close our eyes or to silence our voices, we know that justice will ultimately prevail.

So today we mourn.  We remember.  We pray.  And we pledge:  Never again.”

The week-long Days of Remembrance was first held in 1979 and then later established by Congress as the nation’s commemoration of the Holocaust. A House Joint resolution 1014 designated April 28 and 29 of 1979 as “Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust.” Senator John Danforth of Missouri, had originated the resolution, chose April 28 and 29, because it was on these dates, in 1945, that American troops liberated Dachau and several other satellite concentration camps, as well as rescuing hundreds of Jewish prisoners driven onto a death march.

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Ways You Can Help Remember the Holocaust

National Archives preserves Holocaust records and ensures that the Holocaust is not forgotten

Siren wails as Israel marks annual Holocaust Remembrance Day

Child Victims of the Holocaust (Auschwitz) Public Domain: http://www.fanpop.com/

During the National Days of Remembrance ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda, a Holocaust survivor accompanied by a member of Congress will light six candles in memory of the victims.

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