Homeless Guy Moves In to Nanny Kids – Hennepin County Family Court Injustice

(This is some of the evidence the Guardian ad Litem Jamie Manning is ignoring in my case, and is making parenting time decisions without making a thorough investigation. Ms. Manning is purposely keeping this information, and evidence of child abuse, out of her reports and away from the Court, which in my opinion, is an abuse cover up and a violation of the role and responsibilities of a GAL).

Jamie Manning, Guardian ad Litem

In an unjust Court hearing, I was wrongfully stripped of custody and forced into supervised visits that are totally unwarranted. Jamie L. Manning, the Guardian ad Litem, argued for supervised visitation because she says that when I raise concerns of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated against my children by their father, that does not warrant further investigation (her job as a GAL!) but is a sign that I, the victim, am mentally ill. Reports of abuse made by other professionals are completely ignored, as is the children’s medical history that includes both being diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety at a young age, and that therapists working with the children noted their behavioral and emotional struggles were caused by abuse, and homelessness that resulted from a domestic violence incident.

After the identified abuser, Martin Hegland, was granted sole custody, my children continued to be put at risk and my son was actually physically abused on numerous occasions. While my parenting time was limited, the father, Martin Hegland allowed a mentally unstable homeless man to move into the house, and act as a nanny to the kids. I am being kept from my kids while an unstable, truly mentally ill man is allowed complete access to them. And the GAL Jamie Manning is enabling this to happen. 

Abuse is all about gaining power and control over another person; in the same way Martin wants me in supervised visitation so he can gain control over me by using the children as a pawn.

If that is not crazy enough, Martin is being supported and empowered by an equally abusive GAL named Jamie Manning from Hennepin County, Minn. Due to Ms. Manning’s recommendation – and with absolutely no evidence against me and no findings that I ever harmed my children — I was placed into supervised visits. And just like an abuser, Martin retained all the power and control, and when he feels like it, I was allowed to see the children in unsupervised visits – and he did this without notifying Ms. Manning or gaining her approval. Which just shows how unnecessary the supervised visits are!

During one visit, the children and I were having dinner at church. At the end of the dinner, the church was giving away the leftover bread and food items. My son DJ was taking more than he needed. When I questioned my son, he said that he was taking food for “MLF” the homeless guy from the Mission who was staying at their house.

I was shocked, my son must have seen the reaction on my face because he added, “My Dad doesn’t let us be alone with him because he’s not safe.”

My daughter defended her father with, “’MLF’ is going to be leaving soon, he’s going back to the Mission.”

I later met “MLF” outside the home, bringing the kids home from school. I have also spotted his green Windstar van parked outside the home on several occasions.

Then I found strange online postings from “MLF”. The wording of these postings has me seriously question if “MLF” is mentally ill, and if he is capable of caring for my two, young children.

I also obtained school records that show Martin has let “MLF” live with him for quite some time, and actually signed a permission form so that “MLF” can take the kids from school at any time—with no prior notice. Yet the safe, loving parent is being kept from her children and labelled “dangerous” while the real danger to the children goes ignored. 

I also found another online posting showing that “MLF” is associating with a religious group led by a man with a lengthy criminal record (including domestic violence, terrorist threats and other violent acts), drug history and who has been committed for severe mental illness. The group has been compared to a cult and is targeting children in their activities, for what purpose I do not know. I sent an e-mail to Martin and to Ms. Manning telling them that “MLF” is associating with a person who I believe is dangerous, please keep the kids away from him—no reply.

I brought this concern to Ms. Manning when I personally met with her. Since then Ms. Manning has refused to look at the evidence, refused to contact “MLF” or the school. Refused to acknowledge the online postings from MLF that I e-mailed to her. Refused to investigate if this is a safety risk to my children. And refused to investigate my concerns in any way. 

Why is this homeless man with serious personal issues watching my kids, and living in the home, when their mother, who is perfectly able, and willing to care for her own children is kept away? Why is Ms. Manning refusing to investigate or comment on this issue? Why am I punished and told to stay silent when I raise concerns? And who is really looking out for the safety and well being of my kids? 

–Emily Court /  M21


Online Postings from MLF, also sent to Jamie Manning (the GAL) I also verbally spoke with her about my concerns.

12-01-2012 MLF

I am helping my daughter move …

However I have noticed via intutive gut feel that the trailer court where my son lives there is a sense of a arena that the Dark Forces have try to claim as their own. I also have noticed that there seems to be Misunderstanding in family communcation, Along with that my Sister is visitng next week and there are generational curses and traditions that have not been fully broken, so I have been forewarned about. …

I just am asking for prayer …That I turn the outcomeof the battle with the Dark Forces & Demons over to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Angels tasked to protect me and my family and siblings, during this season of spiritual healing and deliverance, while not retreating or trembling in fear from being in the midst of this battle.

Posted by MLF- about 7 hours ago


Sept 4 2012

I had a talk with my sister this morning..This was the first time she has ever discussed with me about generational curses or family traditions. As she did not know the source of all of it.

However she is willing to cover me in as I push forward with generational healing and bondage breaking.

I just ask for your support as you read about a dream I had a few weeks ago and others insights that I listed , in talking with my sister and processing the dream, I am of the opinion that the snake in the dream is the angry issue and that it will take family team work to handle and kill so that the bondage can be broken so that angry has interferred with any prohetic flow that seems to be part of the Family heritage, mantle or annointing can flow surrounded by the FATHER’s love

Since attending the conference in Aug event I woke from an interesting dream maybe it was a two part dream.
(Some details omitted for privacy reasons)
But I was able to grab the snake behind it’s head, and took it out to the garden, where someone called Dad to grab the shovel to cut off the snake’s head. Dad grabbed the garden hoe instead and made several hacks at the snake’s head, I was upset that he didn’t grab the shovel. but he made several slash cuts behind the snakes head, eventually he took the snake from me, and pulled the snake’s still attached head from the snake which caused a lot of blood to flow out and over Dad, it was like one or two gallons of blood.
The type of snake it was some combination of a Boa Constrictor in length, and size, it had multiple color tan, sand, and eggshell off-white foot long bands on the bottom, and on the top it was like a diamond-back rattle snake with no rattle, I also recall the name Copper head or copper back. >> I would like your interpetation as to what this might mean >>MLF

It has to do with some family core issues, family traditions, family values , generational curses, etc, that affect the family in a negative or unhealthy way, and that it would take family working together as a team, yet we are not going to like the way we all show up to be part of the healing process, to resolve things from our past that have been allowed to grow and fester for to long MLF{ this is my interpetation}
From:  Subject: : Need Dream interpetation
Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 2:57 PM
Hi cousin, I’m in agreement.

>>>This is going to be or maybe has already been a very painful healing process for all involved. It feels to me like it is an on going thing.

Always when I see blood in a dream it is an indicator of the amount of pain that must be felt before complete healing can be obtained. Snakes always represent sickness, denials or lies we have swallowed and a denial is always painful to come to an understanding of or it wouldn’t be a denial. God is always able.

In the dream it spilled all over Dad which means to me that he may be receiving the brunt of most of the pain and the snake was very large. He could be the one with the most denial. because he seemed to be the fix even tho you did not like the way he fixed it.

Our realities, are “our own” and do not have to be anyone elses, even tho “others” may have suffered from them. Truth = a little ” t” You were the one that went in search of this snake. Thus the building. You went to the basement=dark side to find it and deal with it.

I believe your soul (Jesus) put you on this path to heal your family. You have to find the denial “you” swallowed pasted on to you from Dad. You are the one having the dream. and this could have come from many generations back ..


Hi MLF —
Basically the Lord is showing you that there are deep spiritual lies that are affecting you. …

Posted byMLF- 6 days ago Flag

(details omitted for privacy)

Greetings >>>>FYI — Mission Men’s evening chapel service.

This is the first time in recent history that the Chaplin’s are getting together to have a healing service or move of God at the every night chapel service for the men. Though they are not going to announce or publicize it as a “healing service”. I am just good friends with one that trusted me enough not to leak it to the general population here.

I am asking that you publicize it in your network ….

Thank You MLF

Posted by MLF – 5 days ago Flag

About Emily Court

It takes "Just Us" To Fight Injustice in Family Court. I blog to raise awareness about problems existing in the family court system, and use my own story as a personal example of how the systemic failures in family court, and the Guardian ad Litem Program, affect families, in an effort to encourage needed reform. Written by a survivor of domestic violence and homelessness working to create a better life for her children, in a stable home free of violence. In her efforts to rebuild her life, she has not only encountered harassment and intimidation from her alleged abuser but faced systematic failures in family court that have empowered her alleged abuser and put her children at risk. She is now fighting to keep her kids safe, and bring them home. Through writing and blogging, FCI is working to raise awareness about domestic violence, and the urgent need for family court reform. She is currently working on a memoir titled "'Til Prayers Are Answered".
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12 Responses to Homeless Guy Moves In to Nanny Kids – Hennepin County Family Court Injustice

  1. A says:

    Wow this sounds like Jamie Manning! I had her on my case, at first she seemed really nice and wanted to help but when I got to court it was like bam – Jekyll and Hyde! She twisted everything I said to make me look like a bad person. She made up stories and completely ignored the evidence, even though my kids are being abused. And even gave my ex legal advise. Of course, the judge did EVERYTHING Jamie wanted..which is how I lost custody.

    Look at how much Jamie is being paid to ruin families. I think she should be fired.
    Jamie L Manning
    Salary: $51,294.80
    Job Description: Jud Guardian ad Litem
    Employment Agency Name: State Guardian ad Litem Board
    City: Minneapolis

    Jamie L Manning is a Minnesota 4th District GAL Employee with a salary of $51,294.80, which is $8,167 higher than the average for all Minnesota State Employees as of 2012. Jamie L Manning is employed as a Jud Guardian ad Litem in the State Guardian ad Litem Board agency. Jamie L was hired on 6/5/02.

    Name Jamie L Manning
    Job Description Jud Guardian ad Litem
    Full-Time/Part-Time Status Part-Time
    Appointment Status Description Unlimited
    Classified Description Unclassified
    Salary $51,294.80
    Overtime $0
    Other pay $0.99

    Department Name 4th District GAL
    Department Branch Name Judicial
    Employment Agency Name
    State Guardian ad Litem Board
    Compare Minnesota State Guardian ad Litem Board Employees
    Bargaining Unit Courts: AFSCME GAL


    • E says:

      My heart breaks for your family and all the families that have had J. Manning in their lives.

      I think an in person meeting is our next step to ORGANIZE. There are enough of us that we will not be ignored. Too many families have been hurt by JM. We are strong together.

      Please contact me at my email address for details of a meeting mid-September 2014. Please feel free to pass my email along to anyone else hurt by Manning or willing to join our cause.

      I will work to expose the corruption and fight for change alongside you if you are willing to work together!

  2. E says:

    Jamie Manning has been causing harm to families and children for more than a decade.

    I believe I have enough evidence against her to get her to step down shortly. I am gathering evidence from families that have been abused. If you have an expirence with her I would like to get together. Post a comment below. If she chooses not to resign, then I will be bringing the information to her supervisory board. Manning lied on the stand numerous times. The judge was aware of the dichotomy of her statements and questioned her on it. I had a nearly two year case where I was denied access to my child, even denied access to the supervised visits because she would cancel them against the court orders. She would explain that she modified the court orders (without the authority to do so). The court was VERY clear in a 95 page order that Manning had no authority to act in the way she did.

    She refused to interview people pertinent to our child’s life, like the preschool teacher we had for two years that was reporting that Dad came to pick up our child reeking of alcohol….

    After nearly 2 years of being dragged thru the family courts, I was awarded sole legal and sole physical custody, against Manning’s strong recommendations. I had no money for an attorney, so I had to represent myself in court against a very experienced family law attorney. My children are home safely now and adjusting to the normalcy of our life.

    This trial for my children and family will not be in vein. I will improve the lives of children by making sure J. Manning will not be allowed to continue to abuse children and families in any county or state.

    • Emily Court says:

      E you are very brave to speak out! If I had treated my children the way JM does, I would be investigated by CPS or thrown in jail. And she gets away with it because she is a “Guardian ad Litem”. Yet she does not represent the best interests of the children–so who’s interests does she represent?

      I have a post up, and will post more proving that JM is incompetent, unfit, immoral and corrupt… My post shows that my daughter was neglected in her (allegedly abusive) father’s care. As a result, my daughter was injured, and suffered a black eye. I reported the incident to CPS and JM personally contacted CPS and lied by telling them I have “Munchausen by Proxy” so they would close the investigation. When CPS closed the investigation, JM then fought to give the abuser custody of both of my children–and succeeded by lying, suppressing evidence, and abusing the ex parte process.

      If I have “Munchausen” then why is their a bruise on my daughter’s eye? Why did she report the problem? Why were we warned time and time again about the problem? I also have medical report saying I DO NOT suffer from Munchausen…you know what JM did then? She said I needed more treatment and until I get help, I need to be in supervised visitation…all the while my children are being abused!

      Hennepin County Family Justice Center is corrupt–they need to be exposed, and investigated. The DOJ should come down to Hennepin County to investigate it is so bad. And I did file a human rights complaint with the UN. And I did send editorials to the newspaper. And I did create and display a public art exhibit about domestic violence. And I did create a display and table outside a huge mega market to raise awareness, and raise money for legal help. I am not a loser. Maybe I lost custody but the battle is not over. I will keep fighting, wherever and whenever I can to keep my kids safe. And I will work to expose the corruption and fight for change.

      No child should be forced to live with an abuser. And no parent should be punished for trying to protect their child.

  3. Melly says:

    How these jerks get custody is beyond me. Whats the point of going to law school if you are just gonna break the law anyways?!?!

  4. Emily Court says:

    I found this online… you can go to mnparent.org and rate your PTE.


    Manning, Jamie L.

    Average Rating: 2
    99 Castle Ridge Court
    Chanhassen MN 55317
    Phone: (952) 401-9291
    Scared of Retaliation by Nan L.
    on March 7, 2013
    Jamie Manning has been working on my custody case for almost 2 years and, in my opinion, is extremely unprofessional. Her decisions have endangered my children by placing them in the care of a person with numerous documented allegations of abuse against them (including choking, hitting, forcible physical restraint & causing PTSD in the child due to the abuse).

    I am afraid of Jamie Manning because when I voice concerns or ask questions, she makes recommendations that I lose parenting time. She has also told me that I should not speak about abuse bc I am making the other parent look bad.

    Some of the unprofessional behavior I witnessed includes:

    -Failing to contact collateral witnesses, and writing reports/recommendations without having all the information
    -Failing to investigate abuse. Not getting medical records. Lying to CPS (I have evidence of this). Refusing to consider expert reports. Ignoring complaints by the children.
    -Giving legal advise to the other party
    -Telling the court I have a mental health problem, she is not a licensed psychologist & has never treated me. I went through extensive court testing, as did my ex, and was not found to be mentally ill. However the ex was found to suffer from a mental condition that can cause violent & out of control behavior, which went ignored.
    -Refusing to do home visits or observe the children, and making recommendations
    -Refusing to return phone calls for months at a time
    –Submitting reports at the last minute, right before we are going into court
    –Making false statements in court. Jamie Manning actually admitted that she was testifying to things she did not have direct knowledge of
    –After recommending the alleged abuser have increased parenting time, the children still were reporting abuse. Their emotional state deteroiated. I actually took my child to a doctor because I saw an injury to his body.
    Jamie Manning’s response was that this must be my fault, and since has restricted my parenting time even more.

    I have attempted to file a complaint, and got to response. The judges favor Jamie Manning and usually follow her recommendations without question. I am scared for the safety of my children, and feeling hopeless that the court will protect them. I am scared of retaliation. I would not recommend Jamie Manning–she has done alot of damage to my family.

  5. Jayna says:

    I went through something like that too. The Court took my kids and gave custody to the man who beat me and he puts the kids in daycare all day. Or has his drinking buddies watch them! And I am home alone with no kids, wanting to be in their life. And it costs tons of money to get a lawyer to appeal the ruling, and no way can I do this on my own. Everyday without my kids is a nightmare! I miss them soo much.

  6. Emily Court says:

    Just received an e-mail about a group organizing to hold Jamie Manning accountable… this is an important call to organize and demand justice for our families.

    ** IMPORTANT UPDATE: “A Call to Action” Meeting October 7, 2014 **

    A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger is a growing movement of parents and concerned family members who have been negatively impacted by actions of Guardian ad Litem, Jamie Manning, who failed to act in the best interest of our children.

    The safety and well being of our children is our number one priority! Join “A Call to Action” to demand justice for our families. You are invited to the “A Call to Action” meeting to be held in the Twin Cities Metro Area on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.

    Please RSVP to VictimsOfManning@hotmail.com for meeting time, location and agenda. If you cannot attend, you may also contact A Call to Action to join our group.

    We look forward to meeting with you, and appreciate your support!

    Note: “A Call to Action” respects the wishes of those wanting to remain anonymous, and will not disclose information. Similarly, “A Call to Action” will maintain the confidentiality and personal information of all those coming forward, unless expressly permitted to disclose or share information. All names and emails will be kept confidential. If you say specifically in your email that it is OK to do so your name and contact info will be shared with only with the Group for news and informational updates. Thanks in advance for your involvement.

    Read Our Stories, Post Your Story & Follow Our Cause at:

    Read about the History of our Cause at:

  7. Wow! No disrespect to “MLF,” but it sounds like this guy has met one too many social workers or had way too much “therapy.” How much do you want to bet the homeless gentleman is the guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem for the child’s lover or best friend or drug dealer? It’s like they are intentionally putting the children or property with these maniacs and deviants on purpose for experimentation, federal and “state” and local incentives, quotas, and, dare I say at the risk of sounding like “MLF,” “satanic reversals,” or paradoxes to shake America and everything traditionally American on its head. Thank gosh we all found one another, because there are a lot of angry mothers–“righteously angry” mothers. They obviously selected our children because we were great, fit mothers with exceptional child(ren), and because they know we are stronger than them. The government fears that. They are very intimidated by women who society has forced and trained to be the breadwinner by necessity, and who can still raise an awesome child, in my case, and in many others, alone.

    I’ve got news for these people. The real America will keep our country and our values and beliefs, and the real mommies and daddies of the real America–the true “Sovereign,” “elect” citizens subject only to divine, natural law when it comes to our property of our bodies (not the father’s body, OUR BODY)– will take back our children.

    What is it with this recurring social worker/CPS theme to indoctrinate our small children regarding homosexuality and “homeless men” living with “Daddy?” My five year old’s story, before being “kidjacked” in 2012, that is, included a “homeless” man who spent the night or lived there at his dad’s (and stepmom and her three small children), too. It seems like everyone who encounters the “protectors” have a story about sexual misconduct or sexual child abuse with regard to the child they lost. I know a local mother and father who also had this as a theme in their ongoing trauma.

    These allegations, and much worse, surfaced after his father had been taking him to see a private “play therapist” named Kim Abernethy in North Houston, Texas (you may moderate her name if you like, but I have every intention to expose the responsible parties, and I have nothing to hide myself). Are they just using the sexual abuse allegations, at least, in some cases, to initiate the custody-switching scam in the fraudulent family courts, or does it make equal or more sense that these fathers would, in fact, seek to enlist the help of social workers and the courts because something did in fact happen? I’m at like, a 65%/35% split that these things did occur, and because I believed my only child, my little boy, and did everything the law and so many professionals said I had to do, I haven’t seen my little boy in well over two (2) years. The “Damon $20,000 Screw,” or, “The Fix is In,” to have it his way in court also might have something to do with the outcome. One child, one judge for life. Unbelievable! They picked the wrong Mommy, and the wrong little boy to do this too! Keep fighting!

    • Emily Court says:

      RE: Wow! No disrespect to “MLF,” but it sounds like this guy has met one too many social workers or had way too much “therapy.”
      My children told me MLF is a homeless man who came from the Mission shelter. One time I came to pick up my kids, and MLF had picked my kids up from school in his green Ford Windstar van, and was dropping them off at home. MLF clearly was caring for the kids. I think MLF is seriously mentally ill. MLF is no longer in the home but does visit. Both of my children report they are scared of him, and hide when he is around. I did report my concerns to the Guardian ad Litem JM and she refused to acknowledge or act on my concerns.

      I also found information that MLF is connected to a local religious group that sounds like a cult, the group is run by ex cons with a history of violence. I found all this information from public sources.

      I alerted the Guardian ad Litem JM that MLF was dangerous and should not be around my children, but she refused to acknowledge or act on my concerns.

      RE: How much do you want to bet the homeless gentleman is the guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem for the child’s lover or best friend or drug dealer?
      Mr. X has a long history of various addictions, including drug and prescription pain killers. Addictive behavior is common for people with personality disorder.

      RE: It’s like they are intentionally putting the children or property with these maniacs and deviants on purpose for experimentation, federal and “state” and local incentives, quotas, and, dare I say at the risk of sounding like “MLF,” “satanic reversals,” or paradoxes to shake America and everything traditionally American on its head.
      There is alot of history behind what you say as far as government experimentation on its citizen and forced removal of children from their parents for a social or political agenda.

      I know alot of this sounds like a conspiracy theory but the corruption is real, and to get to the root of it we have to be able to consider and investigate every possibility–otherwise we risk being manipulated and deceived.

  8. Angie says:

    Emily Court… I wish I could get in contact with you, but I cannot right now. There is too much power over me right now. You are right, only it’s worse than you say.

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