Mother Reunited with Daughter after Kidnapping, Mistaken Identity

Mexico (May 2015): Incompetent judge in Mexico forces an American mother, who’s daughter was kidnapped by the father, to take a child back to the U.S. that was not even hers. The child was basically kidnapped, as police dragged her kicking and screaming away from her home. After 8 long years, the mother has been finally reunited with her real biological daughter.

Dorotea García (Texas) is the mother of 13 year old Alondra Díaz Garcia, who was born in the U.S. In 2007, father Reynaldo Díaz kidnapped Alondra, then age 4, and brought her into Mexico. Reynaldo Díaz went into hiding with the child, whose whereabouts were not known until recently.

I was happy with my dad. But at the same time I felt like something was missing. I was missing my mother’s love.” said Alondra Díaz Garcia.

Last month, Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado ruled that another girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, was García’s daughter. The family offered Judge Mercado more than a dozen documents to prove Alondra Luna Nunez is indeed their own biological child including family pictures, a baptismal certificate and a birth certificate. Judge Mercado said a scar on Alondra Luna Nunez’s face was all the proof she needed to assert that Luna is the missing daughter of Dorotea García. The family of Alondra Luna Nunez requested a DNA test but Judge Mercado refused, stating it was not in her authority. Judge Mercado is now saying the family never asked for a DNA test and that they submitted the wrong documents.

Alondra Luna Nunez was ordered into García’s care against her will. Video footage was captured of Nunez screaming and fighting police as she was dragged away, the video stirred international criticism. 

YouTube video of Mexican teen Alondra Luna Nunez. Retrieved:

Anger. Rage. Powerlessness that they could tear my daughter from my arms. Sadness,” said Susana Nunez, Alondra’s mother. “I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I said, ‘How is my daughter, what is she doing?’”

When taken into García’s home, Nunez did states she was treated well but did not understand alot of what was happening because of the language barrier.

A week later, when DNA testing in Houston proved that Nunez is not the biological daughter of García, she was returned to her real family in Guanajuato, Mexico. The family celebrated by throwing a party. 

The enormous media attention prompted Reynaldo Díaz to bring the real Alondra Díaz García  to family members, who in turn alerted authorities. Alondra is said to have repeatedly asked to return to her mother’s care. A DNA test was ordered for the girl  believed to be her true daughter Alondra Díaz García, which was proven to be true. Judge Mercado has now closed the case.

Mother and daughter are ecstatic to be reunited.We couldn’t resist the urge to run into each other’s arms,” García told the press, “We are like little birds, my daughter won’t let go of me and never tires of giving me kisses.” The two look forward to making up for the years they missed, and creating new memories together.

García says that she will honor her daughter’s request to not press charges against her ex-husband Reynaldo Díaz. All she is asking is to regain custody of her daughter, which has happened.

Judge Mercado refuses to apologize to the family of Alondra Luna Nunez.  Alondra’s family traveled to Judge Mercado’s courthouse in Los Reyes to demand an apology. Judge Mercado refuses to see the family, and threatened that if they do not leave, she will alert police. The family plans to file formal charges against the judge. “I see this as a kidnapping that was ordered by the judge,” said Gustavo Luna, father.

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