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It takes "Just Us" To Fight Injustice in Family Court. I blog to raise awareness about problems existing in the family court system, and use my own story as a personal example of how the systemic failures in family court, and the Guardian ad Litem Program, affect families, in an effort to encourage needed reform. Written by a survivor of domestic violence and homelessness working to create a better life for her children, in a stable home free of violence. In her efforts to rebuild her life, she has not only encountered harassment and intimidation from her alleged abuser but faced systematic failures in family court that have empowered her alleged abuser and put her children at risk. She is now fighting to keep her kids safe, and bring them home. Through writing and blogging, FCI is working to raise awareness about domestic violence, and the urgent need for family court reform. She is currently working on a memoir titled "'Til Prayers Are Answered".

Minnesota: Proposed Bill Requires Guardian ad Litem to Protect Address of Abuse Survivors

Minnesota: Proposed bill would protect the physical address of participants enrolled in the Safe at Home program from being released or disclosed by Guardian ad Litems in family court or CPS proceedings. The bill, introduced in the Senate as SF3198 … Continue reading

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Rae Carruth Hired Hitman to Kill Pregnant Girlfriend Now Wants Custody of the Son that Survived

(Clinton, North Carolina: 2/20/2018) Rae Carruth, former Carolina Panthers wide receiver, has spent the past 17 years in a North Carolina prison for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. Now Carruth is facing release he says he will seek custody of … Continue reading

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Police Tackle, Take Boy Into State Custody By Force Because He Being Is Home Schooled

“We love our son dearly. He’s always come first. He’s our only child… We’re a close family. We’re all about family…” ~ Terese Kristiansen, mother  (As, Norway: February 14, 2018) A shocking video has gone viral around the world showing … Continue reading

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Kendra Stocks, Mother, Jailed by Family Court Judge for Baptizing Daughter

Family Court judge takes authority over child’s custody not only on Earth but in eternity as well…  (Charlotte, North Carolina: February 15, 2018): Judge Sean Smith sentenced mother, Kendra Stocks, to serve 7 days in jail for violating a family court … Continue reading

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“Family Court Orientation” with Don Rufty Exposes the Family Court Racket

“I will be presiding over the destruction of your family, which is why we call it ‘family court’..” “Family Court Orientation” by Don Rufty is a powerful video to raise awareness of the injustices of the family court system. The video … Continue reading

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“She is my heart…” Bryce Cook, Father, Fighting to Gain Custody of Premie Daughter

(Idaho Falls, Idaho: January 2018)  Bryce Cook is fighting to gain custody of his premie daughter, Bryelle, who was placed in foster care after he reported the child’s mother for alleged drug use. Cook says he reported the drug use because, … Continue reading

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Response: “The Business of Divorce is Broken. It No Longer Works for Anyone…”

The evidence that the family court system is failing is overwhelming… an attorney shares her thoughts on common concerns, and encourages family law professionals to be part of the solution. As a parent involved in family court, I offer my … Continue reading

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Child’s Drawing: “Daddy in Jail, He Hit Me..” (Family Court Awards Custody to Abuser)

(Hennepin County, Minnesota: 2006-2018) Mother discovers child’s drawings in a lost notebook, a voice silenced by family court speaks out about abuse… “Daddy red touch – jail with lock. He hit me.” DJ then slaps himself in the head, hard, to … Continue reading

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Disciplinary Hearing set for Family Court Judge Rena Hughes Who Threatened Child With Jail

(Las Vegas, Nevada: February 2, 2018) Family Court Judge Rena Hughes soon will be judged in a disciplinary hearing after a complaint was filed due to her conduct in a custody hearing that included threatening a weeping 12 year old child … Continue reading

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Reader Question: How Do You Cope with Loss of Alienated Child with Family, Siblings?

The FCI blog received a reader question regarding coping with the loss of an alienated child, and addressing the issue with a sibling child and other family members. Readers please leave your thoughts, tips and advice to support this parent, … Continue reading

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