Appellate Judge ‘Aghast’ At 15 Minute Hearing That Ordered 3 Children Into State Care, Parents Not Allowed to Present Their Case

Judge James Orrell Source: Daily Mail UK)

It is too easy for family court and CPS judges to remove a child from their home and make life-changing decisions in hearings that often violate the laws and due process rights of parents. The decisions of judges are rarely questioned because they hide behind the shield of immunity. In truth, judges are NOT granted immunity when they break the law or act outside their jurisidiction. The “best interest” of justice demands increased accountability and oversight of judicial officers… it is wrong that a parent could walk into court as part of a family and leave childless, with little or no hope of regaining custody and/or visitation.

(Derby, Derbyshire, England: 2011) After a hearing which lasted just 15 minutes, Judge James Orrell ordered that 3 children should be immediately taken from their parents and placed into state care. The parents were accused of abuse then denied their right to present their case, and not allowed to speak, when the ruling was made. 

The ruling was exposed after the case was heard in an Appeals Court and overturned. Appellate Judge Lord Justice Thorpe said about the ruling,”I am completely aghast at this case. There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing, because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter…Once you have lost a child, it is very difficult to get a child back.”

David Gale, founder of Kids for Cash UK says criminality is rampant in the  court system with judges taking a leading role in malpractice. Gale says,”We have a judicial system that is increasingly being allowed to bring the Law into disrepute. It’s time that we scrapped the outdated concept of judicial independence. It is time to hold judges to account.

Gale has investigated the family courts in Derby and discovered that Judge Orrell is the director of an organization called Relate that provided commercial services, including child counseling to local authorities. Kids for Cash UK exposed Judge Orrell as issuing care orders in order to generate business for Relate and its partners. After being exposed, Relate was quickly dismantled and all records have disappeared. Gale has written a letter of inquiry to  LJ Munby, President of the Family Division of the High Court, who has refused to answer any questions.

The case was sent back to a county court with a different judge appointed.

Read More:

Family torn apart in 15-minute court case: Judge condemned for decision to remove children (Daily Mail)

The Disgrace of Our Judicial System by David Gale

Judicial Immunity Is NOT Absolute!


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President Trump Remarks on Holocaust National Days of Remembrance: “.. it only takes one light to illuminate even the darkest space…”

President Donald J. Trump’s speech at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance. April 25, 2017. 

Transcript: Remarks by President Trump at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance

A moving, powerful speech… President Trump’s speech for the national commemoration of the Holocaust.

The purpose of the National Days of Remembrance is to:

Remember the victims who perished in the Holocaust. A special ceremony that includes reading the names of the men, women, and children killed during the Holocaust is an important part of the National Days of Remembrance.  The Yad Vashem’s Shoah Victims’ Names Project has collected over 4,700,000 names of Holocaust victims.

Honor the survivors of the Holocaust. To record and preserve their stories to be passed down to future generations.

Another way to honor survivors: Help impoverished Jews who escaped death during the Holocaust live out their final years with dignity, please consider a donation to the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians

To remember the Holocaust and record it not only in history, but in the human heart and mind. To remember is to bear testimony so the lives lost will never be forgotten. To remember is educate society and draw lessons from what happened during one of the darkest eras of human history.

The annual observance also recognizes the American troops who liberated the Nazi concentration camps.

President Trump said in his remarks,“Your courage strengthens us.  Your voices inspire us.  And your stories remind us that we must never, ever shrink away from telling the truth about evil in our time.  Evil is always seeking to wage war against the innocent and to destroy all that is good and beautiful about our common humanity.  But evil can only thrive in darkness.  And what you have brought us today is so much more powerful than evil.  You have brought us hope — hope that love will conquer hatred, that right will defeat wrong, and that peace will rise from the ashes of war.

Each survivor here today is a beacon of light, and it only takes one light to illuminate even the darkest space.  Just like it takes only one truth to crush a thousand lies and one hero to change the course of history.  We know that in the end, good will triumph over evil, and that as long as we refuse to close our eyes or to silence our voices, we know that justice will ultimately prevail.

So today we mourn.  We remember.  We pray.  And we pledge:  Never again.”

The week-long Days of Remembrance was first held in 1979 and then later established by Congress as the nation’s commemoration of the Holocaust. A House Joint resolution 1014 designated April 28 and 29 of 1979 as “Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust.” Senator John Danforth of Missouri, had originated the resolution, chose April 28 and 29, because it was on these dates, in 1945, that American troops liberated Dachau and several other satellite concentration camps, as well as rescuing hundreds of Jewish prisoners driven onto a death march.

Previously Published on FCI: 

The Lebensborn Program Pt. I: Nazi Program to Breed ‘Master Race’

The Lebensborn Program Pt. II: Nazi Kidnapping of Children

Additional Sources:

Ways You Can Help Remember the Holocaust

National Archives preserves Holocaust records and ensures that the Holocaust is not forgotten

Siren wails as Israel marks annual Holocaust Remembrance Day

Child Victims of the Holocaust (Auschwitz) Public Domain:

During the National Days of Remembrance ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda, a Holocaust survivor accompanied by a member of Congress will light six candles in memory of the victims.

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Father Reunited With Son After 54 Years of Searching

(Omaha, Nebraska: 4/20/2017 ) – In 1963, Bruce Brooks, a father of two boys became estranged from his sons, and lost all contact after ending a relationship with their mother. 

Few details were provided about what happened but apparently the mother relocated with the children, and chose to exclude Brooks completely from the lives of the children.

For over 5 decades Brooks desperately searched for his children, praying for a reunion. And his son searched for him for 25 years, yearning for the father absent from his life but not his heart.

It is true miracle that after 54 years Brooks has recently been reunited with his son.. and also discovered that he has a daughter, that he did not know existed.

Read Full Story at KETV 7: Father, son reunite after 54 years

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No Tapes=No Justice Video Exposes Systemic Fraud, Corruption in the Court System

Why is NO ONE getting their fair due process in court??? 

No Tapes =No Justice” by Telly Blackwood is a shocking video that exposes the rampant corruption, fraud, and illegal activity occurring in America’s legal and court system. To cover up their crimes, and justify their illegal actions, the judges and court professionals, and government officials at every level, are altering court records and transcripts, destroying documents and lying on the witness stand. This means no one is getting any due process rights. 

The information in this video exposes a widespread, systemic problem that includes family court and juvenile court (CPS).

“..Our judicial system has been replaced by a for profit system.

We are now guilty until proven innocent, making us human capitol.

Our system, right under our noses, was replaced and hardly anyone noticed. They ushered in a new court system making America just a corporate ponzi scheme, a monopoly consisting of attorneys, judges, courts, court reporters, clerks, govt agencies and cover ups. A syndicate of thieves. Big money in this country has conspired with elected officials and the powers that are to create designer law and prosecutions to engineer our once beautiful nation into they have to cheat you to beat you for profit industry…

“No Tapes =No Justice” is raising awareness to expose the broken legal and court system that perpetrate “national, systematic fraud” in an effort to demand an investigation by the federal government, and hold crooked court players accountable.

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Absolute Power and Sexual Abuse: A Survivor Comments on the Kidnapping of Elizabeth Thomas

The sexual abuse of children is just one part of a system of trickery and abuse created to maintain secrecy, isolation and the offender’s absolute power over the child and all others in the child’s life. The offender sets up a web-like structure of traps, lies and distortions to isolate the victim…” ~ Laurel House

Kidnapping does not always involve a stranger or a man with a gun…a predator who knows how to groom, and manipulate can gain the trust of the victim, and lure them away…

After reading news reports about the teen, Elizabeth Thomas, who went missing from her home after being groomed and manipulated by her perverted teacher, Tad Cummins, my first reaction was: this reminds me of the abuse I have survived. My second reaction was somehow wanting to scream across the distance to Elizabeth that no matter what was said or done to you, no matter what you were made to believe.. it is not your fault. As an adult survivor, and a mother, I speak from experience… you may not understand now, but trust me, it was not your fault…and it never was.

My Story of Survival: When I graduated from high school, I was given a laptop as a gift. My family meant the laptop to encourage my love of writing, and to help me in college. Unfortunately, I discovered chat rooms, where I met the man who would become my abuser and tormentor, Martin.

It started out innocently enough, in my online profile I put a fake name but included my age and the city where I lived. Martin was online searching for a young girl of my description and that was enough for him to find me, chatting in a room with an audience of young people, talking and laughing about random subjects. It would have been obvious to someone much older, as Martin was at age 31, how immature we all were. Martin was online with the handle “Shadoobee”, a reference to a song by the Rolling Stones, and began to entrap me.. though I was not aware of what grooming was at the time.

Eventually, I met Martin in person, and was surprised at how much older he was. I had absolutely no attraction to Martin but he seemed nice enough. Martin adapted all his interests to match mine so it seemed like we had everything in common (later he hated everything about me). Martin read my poetry and writing, and had me so convinced that he understood me so well that it was like he could read my mind.  He vented frustrations against his own mother, his work, his life..and told me I was the only one he could confide in, that it was us against the world. There were also signs of Martin’s controlling behavior, and at times anger and violence erupted. One time I rejected Martin’s advances towards me and he got so angry that he nearly ran the car off the road. As he was yelling and swearing at me, I could not even defend myself.. over and over a jumbled voice ran through my mind like a broken record, “itsallmyfaultitsallmyfaultitsallmyfault….

When I look back it is amazing how many adults did nothing to intervene. I feel so protective of children now, I think I would claw somebody’s eyes out if I saw them harm a child or approach a child in an inappropriate way. When I first met Martin’s parents I was so young – it must have been so obvious that this was wrong..their grown adult son with someone who had not even taken a step in the adult world.. and yet they acted like this was normal. Martin told everybody that we were “just friends”. I desperately wished it was so, that I could stop the pain and abuse he was inflicting on me but by then I ceased to exist, and was being totally brainwashed and controlled. It was not until I became pregnant with my son that the truth was exposed and by then I didn’t have the strength to see the truth, let alone escape.

It took 8 long years to finally escape this horrible, abusive relationship and by then Martin was becoming more aggressive, and openly hostile towards me. My two small children were being physically and mentally abused, tormented in their own home. Martin even abused our pets – and after I fled our home, had my cat euthanized just to hurt me. I left Martin for good after an incident where he physically attacked me. My son was injured after he kicked in the door, and when it swung open, he was hit in the face with the brass door knob, causing a black eye. By then Martin was done with me – he had a new victim, his vulnerable teenage cousin, with her own history of abuse, Lisa whom he calls “Baby Lisa”.

Martin, now 42 years old was preying on his first cousin Lisa and actually assisted her in running away from home so they could have a relationship together. Martin told me, and also told my father, that because I was not pleasing him that he needed to turn to Lisa… that somehow it is my fault that he is now exploiting and abusing someone else. In turn, Lisa has become abusive towards my own children. Each time the children disclosed abuse, each time a bruise was reported, each time the children showed behaviors consistent with abuse.. the family court, CPS, and authorities failed to protect them but instead returned them to the abuser to be re-victimized all over again.

My story does not have a happy ending.. Martin obtained a sleazy attorney and filed a motion for sole custody, and won, in a Hennepin County courtroom. My children were handed over to an abuser…and 11 years later we are still involved with family court. 

It troubles me that recently.. my daughter came home with her favorite backpack, which she decorates with colorful metal buttons. Martin made a special button for her backpack. It is a picture of a Rolling Stones tongue and underneath was the name “Shadobee”.. the exact name he used when he met me online, as a teen, so long ago.

In another disturbing incident, my daughter was looking for a favorite shirt that was missing. She found the shirt.. and Lisa was wearing it. My daughter was confused and upset that not only was Lisa wearing the shirt put she was making sexy poses and taking selfies… My daughter wore that shirt as an innocent child, who loves pink and sparkles. It was never meant for a grown woman trying to seduce a man by acting like a teen girl. Makes me sick.. yet the family court protects the abuser, and continues to issue rulings that put my children at risk. 

The Kidnapping of Elizabeth Thomas (Maury County, Tennessee):  Elizabeth Thomas, 15 years old, is safely back home with her family after being taken across the country by her 50 year old teacher, Tad Cummins. Thomas was missing for more than a month, and found in a remote cabin in the mountains of Northern California.

The cabin’s care taker initially allowed the pair to stay at the hotel but grew concerned by what he described as “red flags” which led him to discover that an Amber Alert had been issued for Thomas. The caretaker then notified police. In my eyes, the caretaker is a hero. So many people look away when there are signs of abuse or have the attitude of “not my business” or “don’t get involved” and as a result, children are harmed. But he paid attention to the warning signs and made a report, and a child’s life was saved. 

Cummins allegedly groomed Thomas from inside the classroom, gaining her trust and even initiating a kiss. Thomas was especially vulnerable to the manipulation of Cummins as she had a history of being bullied by classmates, and because this was her first year in the public school system after being home schooled until 8th grade.

Grooming is the term used to describe the deliberate tactics that predators use to select their victim and then engage in sexual abuse. Grooming is done in such a way that the child may not even realize that they are being abuse because they are conditioned to believe something else that reinforce the predator’s control over them. According to former FBI agent Kenneth Lanning, there are five stages in the grooming process (source NAASCA):

1) Identify the possible victim;
2) Collect information about the intended victim;
3) Fill a need;
4) Lower inhibitions; and
5) Initiate abuse.

Predators not only groom victims but con, manipulate and groom friends, family, neighbors, professionals – anyone – to gain the trust needed to get access to a victim or to avoid detection. Despite what the predator tries to project, the inappropriate sexual relationship a predator has with a victim is not romantic or consensual – it is abusive, exploitative and causes severe trauma to the victim. 

After a 12 year old student made a report about Cummin’s inapropriate behavior, the school launched an investigation and ordered him to have no contact with Thomas. However, on March 13, the pair disappeared. While on the run, Cummins called Thomas by the name “Joanna” and told people that she was his wife, and that she is 24 years old.

Cummins since has been charged on counts of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor and remains in custody.

Anthony Thomas, father, claims that Cummins has “brainwashed” his daughter and “built up a system where she was dependent on him.”

In America today, there are an estimated 42 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

Read More About the Elizabeth Thomas Kidnapping: 

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Tad Cummins bought disturbing items at Walmart, booked single-bed hotel room while on the run with kidnap teen: Report

Sexual Abuse and Grooming:

A Profile of the Child Molester

NAASCA: Grooming: How Child Molesters Create Willing Victim

No More: Help End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Sexual Offender Tactics and Grooming (Laurel House)

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Teen Wrongfully Taken From Loving Parents, Placed in Foster Care & Abused (Essex County, UK)

Aimee Gardiner with Carrie and Chris Stevens. Picture: Jim Bennett. Source: Metro,

Essex County, England: Aimee Gardiner is plagued by nightmares as she struggles to rebuild her life…. she is a survivor of systemic abuse in social services, who was wrongfully taken from the family who loved her and placed into a foster care home where she was horribly abused, assaulted and neglected. 

In a written statement, read by aunt Carrie Stevens, who broke down in tears and could not continue, Aimee says,”When they took me away, I didn’t want to stay there. I felt really horrible and hurt when they took me away from you guys. I just wanted to come home…”  Source: Fostered girl ‘lost smile’ after being removed from family (BBC News)

The Daily Mail is reporting on this case as a “legal abduction”: “The legal abduction of the teenager has now been condemned by an official inquiry which found that social workers took her from a safe and loving home without good reason, and sent her to a new family where she was exposed to genuine harm.” Source: ‘They snatched our girl because they fell out with us’: Council ripped teenager, 15, from loving family into foster home where she was abused and left to eat CAT FOOD, inquiry finds

Aimee had lived with aunt and uncle, Carrie and Chris Stevens, and their other two children since she was 2 years old – she was loved, cherished, and considered a part of the family. When Aimee was 15 years old, in July 2011, without warning, the Stevens family was called by Foster Link workers to say that Aimee was removed from her school and taken into state care that same day. Aimee was not allowed to say good-bye to the only family she’d ever known, and not allowed to take any of her belongings.

The Stevens family was falsely accused of child abuse and neglect by the social worker, and not allowed contact with Aimee, whom they considered their daughter. The Stevens’ believe the social worker took these actions to retaliate against them because they were not satisfied with her work, and had requested a new worker in the days prior to Aimee being taken into placement.

After six weeks of hell, Aimee ran away from foster care and made her way back home, to Carrie and Chris Stevens, where she has remained ever since.

The Stevens family demanded answers and filed complaints and for years were ignored by Essex County. Essex County stalled in investigating the complaint, and protected the social worker who wrongfully took Aimee from their home. Finally the Local Government Ombudsman got involved, not an easy task considering the challenges raised by Essex County, which including blocking the officer investigating the case from access to the social services file.

The results of the Ombudman’s official inquiry determined there were no grounds to take Aimee into state care, and criticized the actions of Essex County. Essex County has since issued a formal letter to offer a apology but Carrie and Chris Stevens said they never received the apology.

MORE needs to be done – the foster family should be investigated and brought up on criminal charges for child abuse and cruelty. Second, Essex County needs to be investigated as well. HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN were placed into this abusive foster home – and others – by Essex County? These crimes can not go ignored! 

It should be noted the ONLY reason Aimee’s story has reached the public, and gained media attention, is because her case is exempted from the rules that require secrecy on family court proceedings in the UK. There has to be more openness and transparency in the court system; parents who speak out about their cases should not face contempt or punishment. 


Could the legal kidnapping of Aimee Gardiner also have been motivated by racial prejudice??

In July 2015, the Irish Times reported that members of a campaign and support group called Mixed Race Irish believe they are victims of institutional racism and taken into state care because they are mixed race. The group, “…believe they were taken into care because they were mixed race, that there was a different unspoken “policy” for them and that they suffered an “extra layer of abuse” because of their racial identity. They say racism was endemic, systemic and systematic, in the care system and in Irish society, and that their experiences were particular to them. Source: Mixed Race Irish: ‘We were the dust to be swept away’ by Kitty Holland

Members of the group live in Britain, Ireland, China and the U.S; with the earliest known cases dating back to the 1940’s.  It’s members are adults but recall horrific experiences in their childhood where they taken into state care where they were horribly abused, neglected and often sexually abused and/or sexually exploited. An untold number of children were murdered, or died, as a result of abuse and neglect. A majority of Mixed Race children were never offered for adoption because they were considered un-adoptable, and not considered human due to prevailing racist attitudes. Mixed-race children were often placed in foster care, boarded out or institutionalized in state or church run facilities. Care providers were not properly screened, and given payments for taking in children – meaning children were used as a cash commodity. The government also conspired to keep social services records secrets, and to cover up evidence of abuse committed against Mixed Race Irish children taken into state care.

Mixed Race Irish is working to raise awareness of institutional abuses committed  against children taken into state care and give voice to adult survivors. Mixed Race Irish is also seeking official recognition of their experiences, along with an official inquiry. And asking for access to personal records.

In 2016, the #IamIrish exhibition in north London featured photographs of Mixed Race Irish people to celebrate the diversity of Irish people, and offer a way for Mixed Race people to share their stories and experiences. The exhibition, which features the images of 25 mixed race Irish people, was launched in accordance with Black History Month. The photographs were taken by Tracey Anderson.

Certainly more needs to be done to protect children from wrongfully being taken by the government, CPS or family court… and to protect children who are taken into state care.

Read More:


Girl, 15, was removed from school and ‘abused’ in new foster home (The Sun)


The Association of Mixed Race Irish (AMRI)

Mixed Race Irish Twitter

Ireland’s Forgotten Mixed Race Children (Facebook video)

Multiple Survivors Groups of Mother & Baby Homes will protest at inaction and exclusion from Inquiry


Irish Survivors in Britain: Adults who are former residents of Institutions in the Irish Republic, News, Events and Support



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Mother Hayley Gascoigne Collapses During Family Court Ruling, Dies “Because of Stress”

The biggest challenge Hayley had to face in her life was her battle for her children. That battle took her from you.” ~ Statement from Hayley’s funeral

Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England (Jan 26, 2017): A loving young mother abruptly began convulsing and then collapsed in family court while awaiting a ruling concerning her children. Hayley Gascoigne suffered a cardiac arrest – literally dying of a broken heart. Hayley died in the arms of her sister, whom she called “my best friend“. Devastated family members said she died as a result of the stress inflicted on her by the family court. Mr. Gascoigne, father, said,”My daughter died in my other daughter’s arms. She died because of the stress.”

Hayley Gascoigne is described as “the most loving and caring person anyone could have ever met” and a “lovely, warm. kind person.”  She was affectionately given the nickname “Goldilocks” for her beautiful blond hair. Hayley was 32 years old, the mother of four children. According to family, “her children were her world.” That is certainly evident on Hayley’s Facebook profile, a dedication to her children – depicting her recent pregnancy, the children’s milestones, their smiling faces, and time spent playing together. This close, loving family is now joined together in an unfathomable grief.

The hearing held the day Hayley died was presided over by Judge Jessica Pemberton, the purpose of the hearing included an explanation of why the court used its powers to ban public reporting of the case. The case is also described as a “non-criminal matter”. The family court system in the UK operates in secret, very little – if any – details are released to the public on proceedings. Parents who speak out are faced with contempt of court and may be subjected to fines, jail or loss of visitation and/or custody of children.  According to current law, details of family proceedings can not be reported for legal reasons.

Judge Richardson QC has expressed his condolences on behalf of the legal community, saying, in part,”…the court is deeply saddened by the news…


Hayley’s funeral was held on February 28th at Woodlands Crematorium. Colorful balloons, vibrant as Hayley’s smile, led the funeral procession leading to her graveside. Her white coffin was decorated with butterflies.

She fought with every breath for her children.” her sister remembers.

Hayley Gascoigne, facebook


Devastated father tells how mother died in court ‘because of stress’ … @MailOnline

Heartbroken family and friends of Hayley Gascoigne pay tribute at funeral

Judge’s ‘deep sadness’ over death of Hayley Gascoigne at Hull Crown Court

Over 100 mourners attend funeral of Hayley Gascoigne


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(Mississippi) Bill Passed: Abuse is Grounds for Divorce, Provides Guidance to Judges on Abusive Behavior

(Mississippi, March 2017) – Should domestic violence be considered as grounds for divorce? A bill recently passed in Mississippi includes domestic violence in the definition of “habitual cruel and inhumane treatment” and legally considers abuse as a reason for granting a divorce.

Under the previous law, divorce in Mississippi could be granted under 12 grounds but filing on grounds of domestic abuse was difficult, especially if a spouse contested the divorce.  Changes in the current law include abuse as the 13th ground for divorce. The Amendment to Senate Bill 2680 (Miss.) defines abuse as: physical abuse, threats of harm, emotional and verbal abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, isolation and financial abuse in its definition of abusive conduct. The bill also includes a provision that a victimized spouse can testify in court and be considered a credible witness ; under the old law an additional witness was required to corroborate testimony 

Mississippi divorce attorney Matthew Thompson comments, “This is a good change. It goes further than the original proposed bill. It addresses one of the biggest obstacles in obtaining a divorce on Cruelty, which is the corroboration requirement. Prior to this Bill the complaining party had to have a witness or such other corroboration of physical abuse, in addition to their own testimony.  The problem with that is that in domestic violence situations it is routinely behind closed doors, in secret and it is all too common for the abused to not tell anyone. Routinely the abused does not seek help, either medical or otherwise, due to fear, shame, guilt and threats of it happening again…

The passing of the bill did not come easy, Mississippi has one of the strictest set of divorce laws in the country. Senate Bill 2680 was authored by Sen. Sally Doty (R-Brookhaven), who fought for a way for victims of domestic violence to get out of an abusive marriage. Before the amendment passed, if one spouse were to contest the divorce, the person seeking to end the marriage must come to an agreement with the spouse or seek a divorce based on the existing grounds. The final decision to grant the divorce would be left to the court. The divorce process was especially challenging for abuse victims, and created obstacles that posed a risk to their safety and well-being.

The original bill passed by an overwhelming majority in the Senate but faced opposition in the House when Chairman Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) objected. When the bill died, without receiving a vote, concerned citizens and advocates refused to let it go – and continued to show an outpouring of support, flooding the Legislature with letters and keeping the issue in the forefront of media attention. Rep. Gipson then proposed an amendment to the bill, which passed in March 2017. ::Applause::

Personal Note: What encourages me about this story is that it shows that citizens and groups of people really can make a difference in working to raise awareness about issues important to them and working toward changes in laws or changes in the government.

I have talked with parents all over the U.S. and heard horrific stories about domestic violence, abusive spouses and the failures of family court (and CPS). After going through such hardship, I am always so amazed by the strength of parents to not only keep fighting for their children, and for justice.

I know it seems like an uphill battle.. and that change will never come… but after hearing about the struggles to pass Senate Bill 2680 and that even after this bill had died, it was revived and passed, gives me immense hope.

I want to say to all parents, concerned citizens, advocates and professionals, lawmakers… look to what was accomplished in Mississippi. Take a look at the problems happening in the family court system, and what the court failures are doing to families, to children, to society. Listen to the stories of victims, read the letters or petitions being sent to you with an open mind. And have the courage to fight for needed change…your efforts will save lives.

~ “Emily Court” © 2017

For More Information:

Abusers Get Another Divorce Pass from #MSLeg, But Senator Pushes Back by Jackson Free Press

Lawmaker Flips to Support Domestic Abuse as Divorce Reason by Jackson Free Press

Mississippi advocates fear abuse ‘epidemic’ after senate kills divorce bill by The Guardian




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“His Rage Was Like an Oncoming Train…” Abuse Survivor Recalls Frightening Incident

A frightening memory .. sharing to raise awareness about domestic violence…


“I thought I saw the devil, this morning…I never meant to start a fire, I never meant to make you bleed, I’ll be a better man today..” Jaymes Young, “I’ll Be Good”


I was hugely pregnant with my first child, and working part-time to help pay the bills… the months of my pregnancy had been tumultuous due to Martin (aka the “Martinizer”) Hegland’s legal troubles, and his gambling addiction caused devastation on what little income was coming in. 

I found a clerical job through a temp agency, and enjoyed the hours spent at the office.. a reprieve from the cloud hanging over our home. I had my first job at age 11 as a babysitter; and by age 16 was working a part-time job during the school year and two jobs during the summer. After such a long work history, it would be different to be a stay-at-home mom. I honestly had no idea what lie ahead but was excited about the new baby, and hopefully, a fresh start. 

To be honest, Martin was not the person I would chose to spend my life with – or even have children with. But if I closed my eyes, and shoved the pain down as far as it would go, I could avoid the horrific events that led me to to him… I met Martin when I was a high school senior, he was then 31 years old. I was chatting online, as teens do, when approached by Martin. He ignored the other people in the chat room and focused all of his attention on me, quickly asking to go into private messaging. The internet was new then. The fun and excitement of the internet swept over nation like one giant party; with no thought of safety. When I met Martin in person, I was  shocked to discover that he was so much older but he seemed nice enough. I hung out with friends – even boys – all the time without dating them, I just thought of Martin as another friend. I didn’t realize that I was being preyed upon until it was too late. By then my sense of self was so utterly broken that, that to this day, I still struggle to comprehend with what has happened.  This was not a relationship based on love or mutual respect, it was a relationship based on power and control. And Martin had all the power and control. 

I stood at the door, waiting for Martin to give me a ride to work. I am not sure what made him so angry… I remember the yelling.. the feeling of guilt afterwards… Martin always made it seem like it was my fault when things went wrong…I made him angry… I deserved whatever I got… 

Public Domain:

Public Domain:

I walked to the car in silence, my head hung low like a dog that had been kicked one too many times. I was hugely pregnant and the seat belt barely stretched over my abdomen. I turned by body toward the window, avoiding Martin. The car lurched forward as Martin zoomed down the driveway. 

Behind our house is a set of train tracks. Martin turned out of the driveway toward the train tracks. He rolled down his window as we approached the tracks… the loud ding-dong of the crossing signal warned that a train was coming. Martin stepped on the gas just as the wooden crossing arms began to descend. The red lights of the crossing signal flashed before my eyes. The tires hit the metal rails with a jolt. I looked to the left to see an approaching train. The clamor of the train horn filled the car. My hands clutched my abdomen. The baby kicked in protest as I squeezed too hard. The horn sounded insistently. The car bumped across the tracks, nudging the second set of crossing rails as tires hit the street. The train rumbled past, just seconds behind us. 

Public Domain:

Public Domain:

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think.. cold air slapped against my face from the open window. The sound of laughter jolted me back into the present. Laughter? My eyes slowly turned toward Martin. He was laughing hysterically. He got a thrill from our narrow escape. 

What?“, Martin said as my eyes met his,”You didn’t really think the train would hit us, did you?” He picked up his coffee mug and took a long drink.

I couldn’t respond…I did not want to provoke his anger. Then there was the shame. I didn’t really think the train would hit the car, did I? How stupid!

We drove the rest of the way to work in silence. Though I was hugely pregnant, and dealing with health problems, I vowed never to ask Martin for a ride to work again. I would get up early and make the trek by city bus – which involved two transfers, a 45 minute trip one way. My back ached, my feet had swollen to the size of watermelons, but I would not complain.

Martin’s rage was like an oncoming train – coming on quickly with a deafening roar and then disappearing. There was never an apology because no matter what happened, it was always my fault.

And it would be my fault 8 years later when we entered family court, and Martin sought sole custody of our 2 children. The insults I had endured for years would become grounds to take the children from me… by then there was no stopping the train. The crossing signal sounded a warning of impending disaster… when my hands sought my womb it would be empty, my life now empty of my children. When I crossed to the other side, I would be alone because family court gave sole custody to Martin.

Just as I had found the strength to take the bus to work, and against incredible odds maintained employment until it was time to give birth…I will find a way to rescue my children, and bring them home. On that day Martin’s laughter will finally be silenced.

~ “Emily Court”, © 2017

“For all of the light that I shut out
For all of the innocent things that I’ve doubt
For all of the bruises that I’ve caused and the tears
For all of the things that I’ve done all these years
Yeah, for all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out
For all of the perfect things that I doubt

I’ll be good, I’ll be good
And I’ll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I’ll be good, I’ll be good
For all of the times I never could…”

Jaymes Young, “I’ll Be Good”


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Judge Timothy Philpot Reprimanded: Used Families As Guinea Pigs for “Independent Research”

 Judge Tim Philpot of Fayette County Family Court (Source:

Judge Tim Philpot of Fayette County Family Court (Source:

(Fayette County, Kentucky: 1/06/2017): Controversial Judge Timothy N. Philpot, 22nd Judicial Circuit, who admits,”I was Mr. 2.9 GPA. I barely made it into law school...”  is given a public reprimand by the Judicial Conduct Commission.

The complaint resulted after Judge Philpot required that divorcing couples with children “participate in special hearings to determine if their marriage is irretrievably broken“; while couples without children were not subjected to hearings.  Public Reprimand Judge Philpot – KY

Judge Philpot was also found to have given confidential information about family court cases, which were not public record, to 3rd parties for “independent research and teaching duties“. Findings from the Judicial Conduct Commission did not include whether Judge Philpot received any financial or other benefit from providing this sensitive information to still unnamed sources.

The Judicial Conduct Commission has determined that Judge Philpot has engaged in misconduct and violated judicial conduct codes in the following ways:

  • Abused his judgeship to advance the private interests of others
  • Failed to act fairly and impartially
  • Used or disclosed non-public information, gathered in a judicial capacity, for purposes unrelated to judicial duties

The Judicial Conduct Commission had the option to suspend Judge Philpot without pay, and to remove him from the bench. They chose to give him a public reprimand.

In layman’s terms, Judge Philpot used his family court as a lab and experimented on families appearing before him, like guinea pigs. 

Clearly Judge Philpot is using human lives to advance his own agenda: When divorcing couples appeared before Judge Philpot, the merits of the case, and the facts, were not made a priority. Instead, Judge Philpot evaluated families, who without their knowledge or consent, became part of a social experiment. Families with children were forced to attend “special hearings“. The information gathered from the court cases were then sold or given to 3rd parties for “independent research and teaching duties“.

Questions That Need to Be Answered:

  • Did Judge Philpot receive any payment or other benefit for providing information to 3rd parties?
  • Who are the 3rd parties to which the information was released?
  • How was the information used?
  • What is being done to secure the privacy of the litigants involved?
  • What is the court doing to protect the privacy of litigants, and prevent this from happening again?
  • Has the Judicial Commission made any effort to contact the families involved?
  • Is the Judicial Commission investigating other complaints and/or concerns against Judge Philpot?
  • Why did the Judicial Commission only issue a reprimand and not consider a more severe form of discipline?

Since Judge Philpot was acting outside the functions of his judicial duties, he does not have immunity, and could be subject to civil action. 

In my opinion, a public reprimand does little to address the severity of these offenses, Judge Philpot should have been dealt with more harshly. Think about it – the information that Judge Philpot handed to “researchers” could later be used in studies about divorce or family court, and could affect public policy. Or be used in expert testimony.The research could even shape the outcomes of divorce and custody proceedings in the future.

That Judge Philpot, a family court judge, is involved in unethical human experimentation conducted through proceedings he presided over should result in immediate disbarment. 

Think about it – how many rulings were affected by this “research”? How many parents lost custody? How many parents had visitation with a child restricted? Not to mention possible violations of Constitutional rights…. Does the Judicial Committee have an understanding of how serious this is? To give Judge Philpot just a reprimand does NOTHING to address the toll his misconduct has had on human lives, on the futures of children. 

This is not the only instance that Judge Philpot has used court cases that appeared before him for a personal advantage – he also “started having fun” and wrote a tell-all book based on his experiences as a family court judgeJudge copies plot from his novel in some divorce cases before his court by Tom Eblen

Judge Philpot also publicly states that he believes that he is a on a mission from “god” and was divinely appointed to be a family court judge:

Sue and I prayed this prayer: “Lord, put me in the middle of the mess.” Let me tell you, Family Court is as messy as it gets

Families should not be there, but of course, they are there every day. A lot of poor people with serious issues, a lot of rich people spending their last dollars to fight with each other over who gets what, a lot of families with children being taken away and going into foster homes. Termination of parental rights, nasty, nasty, nasty divorces, domestic violence—stuff that would shock most people if they walked in to witness it just one time.

And there I am. No jury. Just me and the mess.

One hundred years from now, I truly believe I’ll be in heaven.” My Life as a Loser by Tim Philpot

To let Judge Philpot off with a “reprimand” does not assure the public safety. Nor does it address the violations of privacy that were inflicted on the families who were victimized by this out of control judge. The families involved certainly deserve to be notified that their information was stolen and used in research. Judge Philpot should also recuse himself from cases in which he was found to have engaged in misconduct.

Judge Philpot has drawn widespread criticism … you only need to do an internet search on his name to find other areas for concern. 

Judge Philpot has been accused of discrimination after making negative comments about homosexuals and gay marriage including, their relationships are “sterile” and “just entertainment“:Family court judge says gay relationships are ‘just entertainment’ by Debra Cassens Weiss

Concerned citizens have taken to social media to expose Judge Philpot on the following blog:  A site to discuss judicial misconduct by Timothy N Philpot a judge in Fayette Family Court/

In this video, Judge Philpot threatens a father “I’ll issue an order that he’s never gonna see his kid again as long as you live. A little 5 year old child, he’s never see his 5 year old ever again as long as he lives…”  This is just unacceptable!


In this video Judge Philpot makes a joke about having sex with a judge, that turns into a joke about incest, stating “you’re not allowed to have children with your father, that is still a crime in Kentucky..” 


In this video Judge Philpot ADMITS that “more than once” the murder of a child resulted after a custody order he issued … WHY is this happening? In several states, CPS has been investigated after a child was murdered in state care, with lawmakers working to address the system’s failures. Yet Judge Philpot ADMITS a child was murdered “more than once” after a custody ruling, and no one in Fayette County is investigating what went wrong???


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