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Family Court Judge Lyris Younge Transferred After Violating Parent’s Rights

Read Full Article Here: Controversial judge transferred from Family Court after numerous parents claim due-process violations (Philly Voice) Date: July 2, 2018 Author: Brian Hickey, Philly Voice staff Lyris Younge, a judge for the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in … Continue reading

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A Broken Promise: Children Taught to Disclose Abuse Called “Liars” in Family Court

I clearly remember the day, back in 1st grade, when the teacher explained “good touch, bad touch” then instructed the class to tell a “safe person” or go to police if we had been touched in a way that made … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins: Says the State Needs to Protect Children from Parents, Religion

Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 2015: Richard Dawkins, British biologist and author, and well known atheist gave a speech in which he stated that children need to be protected by the state (government)… from their own parents. In an interview with Irish Times, before his speech at … Continue reading

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